Email Marketing

With Email Marketing in Kentico, you can immediately see how many people opened the email and clicked the link. You can see which content was most engaging and optimize your future mailings based on those results.

Identify the Best Performing Content

With A/B testing, Kentico sends different variables of any email message to segmented target audience members, and tracks the ongoing performance of each. When the top performer is identified, it can be sent to a larger audience group for maximized performance.

Ensure High Email Deliverability

In order to make sure your emails are not blocked by spam filters or various ISP anti-spam rules, you can use Kentico with a number of third-party email deliverability services, such as SendGrid and SendinBlue.


Design dynamic newsletters that can be sent to the audience automatically on a regular basis. Then, use the information gathered to target more specific audience segments with the most relevant content.

Advanced Marketing Options

  • Subscriber import and management
  • Emails that can be sent for mobile devices
  • Sending test emails
  • Scheduling the mail-out time for later
  • Versioning and rollback to a previous version of email content
  • Subscriber double opt-in
  • Support for sending emails using multiple SMTP servers for higher performance

Email Campaigns

From version 10, you can leverage both newsletters and email campaigns, where newsletters share a subscriber base, and email campaigns have separate recipient lists. Also, contacts are now the main entities that can be used as recipients of emails. Marketers can define target audiences for their email campaigns and newsletters. They don’t have to copy the recipients for the newsletters, and they can easily target different segments with the email campaigns or send them a follow-up.

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