Be heard.
Be better.
Be where they are.

Most marketers are faced with the same challenge: How to effectively compete with much larger competitors, across an increasing number of channels, with fewer resources?

At Kentico we believe that marketing success reflects the quality of digital experience you can provide, not the technology or internal development team you can afford. We’re on a mission to enable all businesses to make the most out of every new opportunity to engage with their customers, irrespective of the channel they chose to use. We help marketers to land and expand their digital marketing capabilities, online presence and digital maturity – now and in the future.

Our commitment to this mission is embedded throughout our new product Xperience by Kentico – from its predictable fixed pricing model, and flexible architecture, to the new features and capabilities we are rolling out over the next months and years ahead.

The vision

The vision for Xperience by Kentico, is to help our customers become more digitally native - supporting them where they are NOW, and getting them to where they WANT to be, as easily and affordably as possible.

The vision for our flexible digital experience platform as-a-service is to:

  • Provide our customers with the best hybrid headless marketer experience,
  • Offer rich tools ‘out of the box’ that help them reach their customers with the right content and messaging via their preferred channels, and
  • Embed supportive AI technologies that assist and encourage them to grow and expand their own capabilities and digital experience maturity.

In short, marketers need an affordable way of getting the marketing tools they need to meet their challenges today and be equipped to continually grow their digital presence and competitive advantage in the future.

Respond to transformative digital marketing trends and challenges

After years of rapid digital transformation and automation, there’s a strong desire to make marketing more human again:

  • While businesses have traditionally focused on effectiveness (the same experience ported to every channel), customers prefer optimized experiences on their channel of choice.
  • In short, companies need to be engaging where their customers are.

Marketing teams need to provide personalized experiences for their customers within multiple “channels” (web, mobile web, legacy websites, portals, commerce, email, hybrid and native mobile apps, smart hubs, TVs, in-car, voice, chatbots, wearables, …). And they have to manage, update and evaluate them constantly!

It’s no longer about convincing people to buy your products and services. Now it’s about:

  • the individual AND the community, providing personalized messaging, richer experiences and a sense of belonging or connectedness like we’ve never seen before
  • delivering quality across all channels is therefore key to earning their trust and retaining their business

So we want to support you by providing the means of getting in front of your customers, irrespective of which channel they are using, and delivering targeted informative content about your products and services.

Embrace the power of multiexperience marketing

(without breaking the bank or surrendering control)

Xperience by Kentico is focused on providing the most marketer-centric way of landing and expanding your digital marketing ecosystem.

We’re NOT ok with how many headless CMS’ have forced marketers to surrender their natural content creation processes, their responsiveness to make changes, their business agility and have made them relinquish their control over their content and marketing initiatives to external developers or their IT team. We are also not ok that many headless CMS’ require large organizational changes to be undertaken before they can be implemented and effectively used – which often results in delays or an inability to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Designed to fit the way you work and grow your business, Xperience by Kentico is the first true hybrid headless DXP that enables you to land and expand your marketing ecosystem – testing and adding new channels quickly without additional martech and development team investments or major organizational change. It’s so much easier to adopt, and we’re continually working to provide you with more capability from Day 1.

Compose content – don't just assemble lego blocks

Kentico specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing tools for fast growing companies and marketing teams. We’re building in a powerful Content Hub and comprehensive metadata management capabilities that can be leveraged for not only headless content delivery for ‘anywhere distribution’ of content, but also for dynamic content reuse and governance across all your marketing channels. Just think – all your content stored in just ONE location, relevant content recommended as you work and rich editing tools for working with it!

By combining reusable content, digital asset management capabilities and hybrid headless, almost any member of your marketing team can now dynamically and intuitively create, personalize, optimize and deliver superb content and experiences across every channel within your digital marketing ecosystem; no matter whether it is published on an external website, in an email or on your favourite social media platform.

A true hybrid headless experience

‘True hybrid headless’ isn’t just marketing spiel. We really mean it.

Kentico's hybrid headless will provide marketers with the luxury of choice and flexibility. You'll get all the flexibility of headless with the speed and familiarity of the design control and execution your team is used to. It has been built from the ground up with Kentico DNA and it works natively out of the box as a result. Our headless capability leverages the new Content Hub of reusable content, and in line with our mission to help marketers become as self-sufficient as possible and grow their digital maturity, it has also been designed for low code setup. This means that when your marketing team is ready, and for channels where it makes sense, you can leverage the power of headless without sacrificing traditional DXP features, needing an army of developers, or undertaking massive organizational change.

The flexibility to grow

Xperience by Kentico is being designed to provide you with everything you may need right now, while also giving you the room to grow and experiment as you expand your marketing ecosystem.

Xperience by Kentico gives you the freedom to organically grow your solution to meet your evolving needs and digital experience maturity (without having to invest in costly re-platforming projects and lengthy procurement periods).

Our flexible DXP as-a-service is three DXP solutions in one, so there’s no need to agonise over whether an all-in-one, modular or composable solution is best for you. Because we understand that mid-market and enterprise customers need flexible, customizable solutions, we design to support capability growth and the extensibility needed to deliver new capabilities that meet changing customer needs.

Start with what you need now, knowing that Xperience will evolve to meet your changing needs in the future.

The four pillars of our product strategy

We are building on the things that customers love about us and are extending them even further.

We will:

  • continue to empower you with an easy-to-use DXP solution, provide superb value and ensure you can get to market fast
  • make it faster, even more intuitive and capable of delivering brand consistency and personalized digital experiences irrespective of channel
  • enable marketers to work dynamically and intuitively with centralized content, providing a seamless journey regardless of which touchpoint your customer encounters when they read, shop, and engage with your brand
  • continue to empower marketing teams to execute their marketing initiatives with low/no coding necessary and to provide them with the ability to do it all in one place, with one admin interface
  • ensure our modern, flexible DXP tech stack is extensible, customizable and can easily integrate with third-party tools and other business applications
  • ensure our AI ‘smarts’ make you and your team smarter and more efficient – through automation, recommendations and guided assistance
  • give you back more time, by providing our software as a service, and as maintenance-free as possible.

We're making it happen

We are delivering monthly updates of new features to make sure you get the latest features and enhancements without having to wait for ‘the next big release’. Get new capabilities as soon as they are developed and start exploring how they can take you further on your marketing journey!

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