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Whether you are building your website in-house or with a partner agency, our professional services ensure that your Kentico project exceeds expectations. We’ll help you understand what’s possible so that your team matches the perfect Kentico feature or best practice with each business goal. Your requirements for developers will become more precise and guarantee your project's ease of use and painless growth after go-live.


  • Enjoy regular syncs with your Customer Success Manager
  • Access professional online courses
  • Leverage hands-on guidance from a consulting team
  • Validate your project according to Kentico best practices
  • Maximize ROI for your project  
  • Get the highest level of Kentico support


Your Customer Success Manager will invite you to a meeting to review your project goals and roadmap. Knowing your project details, we will prepare a services utilization plan. Your CSM manages the delivery of subscription services and provides strategic guidance.
Decide a meeting cadence that makes sense for your organization. Stay up-to-date with service progress and get notified when relevant updates and new features are released.
Online training will introduce key concepts and essential features to editors and marketers. Developers will learn the fundamentals of creating websites in Kentico. Streamline the training process of your team and demonstrate new possibilities to stakeholders.
You can count on Kentico's Consulting team when you need expert advice, a review of your implementation, or professional hands-on assistance. Access tailored engagements including inspirational demos for editors and marketers, UX improvements, content modeling, and online marketing implementation guidance. Your CSM helps fit Kentico services to your business objectives.
Priority support moves your technical queries to the top of the queue. Premium support adds guaranteed response time and target resolution times as well as responsive chat-based Intercom support. This service is a good fit for mission-critical projects and if you're working with tight deadlines.

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