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Technical support is meant for clients needing technical troubleshooting and general help with out-of-the-box features. Consulting is for more advanced scenarios, and we can work with you 1-on-1 to help you find the best solution to your project needs.
Typical questions for support: Typical questions for consulting:
How can I use XYZ web part? How should I organize my content in the CMS?
How do I edit a page template layout? Can you help me optimize the performance of my site?
How do I create a new document using API? How can I customize the shipping price calculation using XYZ service?
Your API method doesn't return what it should. Is it a bug? How can I integrate our booking system/CRM into the site?
I am getting an error when saving XYZ object in Kentico. My custom code is not doing what I expect. How can I make it work?
Why isn't my Content Staging working? How can I customize what happens when I save XYZ object in Kentico?
What are the hardware requirements to run Kentico? What should a disaster recovery plan look like for a Kentico site? How can we improve up-time?

Since 2009, Kentico has had a 7-day bug-fixing policy that stipulates for each bug we find, we'll fix said bug found in the latest published version of Kentico within seven business days, and then we'll plant a tree for it.

For the purpose of this policy, a bug is any defect that does not allow you to use an existing feature as described in the documentation, and there is no suitable workaround. A missing feature or setting is not considered a bug. A minor graphic design issue or issue that can be easily solved using an alternative approach are not considered bugs.


  • A page cannot be saved correctly - Yes, this is a bug, which will be fixed in a hotfix.
  • A page cannot be saved correctly when using Kentico API, but using a different method accomplishes the task - No, this is not a bug.
  • The new page icon is not displayed correctly in Firefox - No, this is not a bug.
Bugs that require complex changes in code will be fixed in the next major Kentico release.

You can email our support engineers 24/7, attaching all necessary supporting materials, such as screen shots, code files, etc. We'll come back to you within one business day.

Email: or, you can submit your ticket through an online form

If you have Premium support, use the 24/7 live chat available in the Client Portal.

Should you have any questions about pricing and licensing or need help with license keys, please contact our Sales department directly.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our standard technical support offers unlimited 24/7 email support to all clients with a valid maintenance contract. Even faster 24/7 live chat support is available to Premium support subscribers. Because all our support engineers work in-house, you can be sure you are speaking to someone with first-hand development knowledge of the product.


Product support lifecycle.

Product support lifecycle and upgrade path

To learn more about the product lifecycle policy, please visit the dedicated page.

Bug fixing

7-day bug-fix policy

Should you ever find a bug in the latest published version of Kentico, we'll fix it within seven business days and plant a tree in your name to help the reforestation of our planet.

Premium support

Premium support

Premium support, as defined by a service-level agreement (SLA), is for clients running mission-critical websites needing guaranteed response times. It includes 24/7 unlimited online chat and email questions. A premium support contract is valid for one year.


You can email our support engineers 24/7, attaching all necessary screen shots, code files, etc. We'll come back to you within one business day.

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Should you have any questions about pricing and licensing or need help with license keys, please contact our Sales department directly.

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