Training Overview

Kentico offers online training for developers and marketers, providing comprehensive, hands-on experience with best practices on using Kentico to help you achieve your goals.

Learning Path

If you're new to Kentico, it's important to gain some experience on both the technical and the business side. We have created this overview of how you can go from zero to ready-to-deploy to ensure your Kentico project is a success.

For Developers and Tech-Leads

Getting the technical foundations laid early in the process is essential for any project. That’s why we recommend that you start with the technical part of Kentico training first. Here is a short overview of the services we provide:

Kentico Tutorial training teaser

Kentico Tutorial

A hands-on, step-by-step guide shows you the absolute basics of developing a simple site starting from a clean installation. After covering the basics of navigation and differences between the development models, you can pick a tutorial path and build a basic website using your preferred development approach - the Kentico Portal Engine or the MVC development model.

Kentico MVC for Developers training teaser

Kentico MVC for Developers

The e-learning course gives you the necessary skills to grasp the basics of developing Kentico 12 websites using the MVC model. You will learn hands-on how to build dynamic web pages and pages with page builder, a navigation menu, custom MVC widgets and form components, and optimize a Kentico MVC website while building a sample training website.

Kentico Portal Engine for Developers training teaser

Kentico Portal Engine for Developers

The e-learning course provides hands-on experience in developing websites using Kentico Portal Engine. You will learn how to create dynamic web pages, work with users, and other most common website administration tasks while building a sample training website.

After taking the Kentico MVC for Developers or Kentico Portal Engine for Developers course, we strongly recommend that you start working on customer projects and build, optimize, or maintain their websites to get hands-on experience and learn all the bells and whistles of Kentico built-in features. You can always find assistance in our documentation or contact our helpful support team. If you run into implementation issues, you can ask our community to get some help from your fellow developers, or you can contact our consulting team for professional expertise.

Kentico Customization for Developers training teaser

Kentico Customization for Developers

A course for skilled developers with working knowledge of C#, Kentico, and web development on the .NET platform covers more advanced techniques for back-end development and explains how to build custom modules, scheduled tasks, or macros to extend the Kentico built-in functionality.

Kentico Advantage training teaser

Kentico Advantage

The project guide covers key concepts and best practices you need to know to navigate the process of building a Kentico project. Kentico Advantage presents real-world scenarios to help you with planning, developing, deploying, and maintaining the Kentico application.

Developer Certification training teaser

Developer Certification

The certification provides you an opportunity to validate your knowledge and expertise and helps you become an internationally recognized Kentico Certified Developer. The online exam tests advanced Kentico knowledge and skills—a further Kentico experience beyond the content of the training courses is necessary.

After successful certification, you can continue to grow within our community of developers, keep up to date with all the latest happenings, and share your knowledge. And maybe one day, you’ll even want to become Kentico MVP.

For Marketers and Content Editors

With a running website, you need to be ready to use Kentico even if your role is non-technical.

Kentico Business MVC Tutorial training teaser

Kentico Business MVC Tutorial

A hands-on, step-by-step guide helps editors with no previous knowledge of Kentico how to edit pages or work with page attachments on Kentico MVC websites. You will get the experience while working with hosted Dancing Goat MVC sample site.

Content Admin Essentials training teaser

Content Admin Essentials

The e-learning course is designed for content administrators with no previous experience with Kentico CMS/EMS who work with websites built on Portal Engine. You will learn how to add, structure, and maintain content on your site and perform the most common web editor tasks.

Online Marketing Essentials training teaser

Online Marketing Essentials

In this interactive e-learning course, you will learn core capabilities and master essential skills for Kentico EMS website built with Portal Engine. You will learn how to set up campaigns, run your email marketing activities, and handle most other common digital marketing tasks.

After completing our business courses, you should be ready to work with the content of your website and carry out marketing activities with Kentico on your own. If you run into any issues, our experienced marketing consultants are always here to help you.

Marketer Certification training teaser

Marketer Certification

The certification verifies your experience in working with Kentico EMS and helps you become an internationally recognized Kentico Certified Marketer. The online exam tests advanced knowledge and skills of running marketing activities in Kentico—further Kentico experience beyond the training course content is necessary.

Custom Courses

If the courses above do not meet your needs, we are happy to provide you with tailored training, delivered both online or onsite. Please, contact us with your specific requirements.

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Kentico’s hands-on training sessions are fast-paced and informative. I left our sessions with everything I need to know to start making an impact on our site based on real data from the Kentico EMS.

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