When you need expert advice, a review of your implementation, or professional hands-on assistance, the Kentico Consulting team is here for you. We help you avoid pitfalls at all project stages, whether online or onsite.


With Kentico consulting, you can feel more confident with your project.

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Kentico Xperience

We'll help you:

  • Accelerate your education path based on our experience
  • Understand and follow all best practices
  • Validate your requirements and ideas for implementation
  • Choose the best solution according to your resources

Consulting services & packages

Get help from our Customer Success team

Kentico offers a rich ensemble of features that will help any unique project reach the best possible results. Struggling to find the right features to start with? Expert insight can go a long way! Our Customer Success team is always here to point you in the right direction and ensure you meet your DXP goals.  

  • Plan regular syncs with your Customer Success Manager
  • Consult your project with a dedicated Kentico Solution Architect
  • Access 12, 24, or 48 hours of technical consulting per year
  • Get personalized demos for marketers, guidance on UX improvements, content modeling, and online marketing implementation
  • Maximize ROI for your project
Kentico team in the office

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Our Customer Success Managers are hands-on guides that will share best-practices, review your implementation, and help you get the most of your DXP.

Need to build a website or custom module?

We have a large network of experienced Kentico solutions partners who are happy to take on any development jobs. If you're not sure which partner to select, please contact our Sales team

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