Performance and Health Audit

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"We have been working with Kentico for a number of years now, beginning with version 2 of the product. Kentico has enabled us to deliver sites more quickly than with previous CMS frameworks, and with more functionality. This in turn frees us to explore new areas of business and add extra value to our clients. We are also finding benefit in making use of the portal model, which increases turnaround, and reduces cost, for changes to sites that we support."
Mark Prins, Development Manager,
Datacom, New Zealand


Kentico's Performance and Health Audit is a consulting package that reviews the implementation requirements and System Architecture to ensure viability of your existing Kentico system and compliance with Kentico architecture standards. The ultimate goal is to ensure implementation scalability and stability for your project, even as the website grows over time.

If you encounter any performance or stability issues, Kentico Senior Solution Architects with extensive Kentico knowledge can investigate the root of the issues and provide you with best practice solutions to resolve them and recommendations to avoid them in the future through the Performance and Health Audit package

You are then provided with a complete optimization Assessment Report with expert suggestions to further tune your Kentico configurations based on our experience and professional advice.



This virtual consulting engagement results in an assessment document, detailing the tuning that should be performed.

  • Two recorded online meetings: Kickoff and a deliverable review
  • Assessment Report that consist of:
    • Best practices and recommendations to resolve any of your current performance or stability issues
      • IIS configuration and tuning recommendations AND/OR
      • SQL Server configuration and tuning recommendations AND/OR
      • Kentico configuration, efficiency, stability, scalability and performance recommendations


Item Price
Performance and Health Audit Package $4,800 USD *
* Travel & expenses will be invoiced separately for onsite engagements

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