About Kentico

We are Kentico. We are the proud creators of the flexible digital experience platform that helps you grow.

Enabling you to create impactful digital experiences since 2004

With our DXP solution, we bring new trends, means, and know-how to a wider audience in a way that allows everyone in your company (developers, marketers, managers…) to explore their potential in creating impactful digital experiences.

We empower your success but it is never us who tells you when you become successful or what experiences are impactful. It is always about you and your customers. You define your own goals. We and our extensive partner network are here to listen, support you and guide you on every step of your way towards achieving your goals through our DXP. When you are successful, we are happy.

We're always ready to answer your questions and help you succeed

To care is in our DNA

We believe everyone can participate in making this world a better place. We are not afraid to own the responsibility we have towards our customers, partners, employees, their families, the environment and the wildlife on our planet. Read on to see for yourself we mean it.


Stronger together

Kentico would be nothing without all the amazing people working with us. They are our biggest treasure. Meet the 200+ people that put their hearts and souls into our products and make Kentico the company it is today.


20 years of success

20 years ago, it was only Petr Palas—a hardworking visionary—and his bachelor thesis in which he laid the foundations for Kentico CMS. Since then we’ve come a long way. Today, we are a global company led by our CEO, Dominik Pintér, that offers an innovative flexible DXP to the market, with more than 250 people proud of working at Kentico, and a board that believes in our bright future even more than we do.

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