Kentico Xperience certification exams

The Kentico Xperience certification exams help developers, solution architects, and marketers validate their knowledge and prove their expertise in the Kentico Xperience platform to their clients, teams, and potential employers.

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Certified developer exam

Kentico Xperience Certified Developer

A Kentico Xperience Certified Developer is a technical professional ready to build large-scale web applications on the Kentico Xperience platform using the recommended practices.

Until Kentico Xperience version 12, the exam for certified developers covered two development models—Portal Engine and MVC. Kentico Xperience 13 supports only ASP.NET MVC, and the exam covers both ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET Core MVC.

Certified developer's responsibilities

Passing the Kentico Xperience Certified Developer exam requires hands-on experience and a deep understanding of designing, developing, optimizing, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Kentico Xperience websites.

Certified developers usually work in Kentico Xperience implementation partners' or end clients' companies. They cover different roles from designing, developing, and upgrading Kentico Xperience websites, to building custom modules or integrations with other platforms (e.g., CRMs, ERPs).

Certified developer's skills:

  • Xperience features
  • Xperience application programming interfaces (API)
  • Performance optimization
  • Application deployment
  • Xperience maintenance

Positions and roles include:

  • Front end / Back end / Full-stack Developer 
  • Senior Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Engineering Manager
  • CTO
Developer certification

Take the developer certification

Master the skills needed to design, develop, and maintain Xperience solutions. Prove your expertise and become a Kentico Xperience Certified Developer.

Certified marketer exam

Kentico Xperience Certified Marketer

Kentico Xperience Certified Marketer is a business professional who is ready to design, set, run, and analyze digital marketing activities using all Kentico Xperience built-in features while following the recommended practices.

Certified marketer's responsibilities

Passing the Kentico Xperience Certified Marketer exam requires hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the system’s marketing capabilities. Certified marketers usually work in Kentico Xperience partners' or clients' companies. 

They help define project business requirements to ensure that it follows the recommended practices, cooperate in pre-sales engagements, or run everyday marketing activities on clients' websites.

Certified marketer's skills:

  • Analyze how business requirements match built-in Kentico Xperience capabilities
  • Understand and configure the built-in Kentico Xperience digital marketing features
  • Manage, maintain, and configure contacts, contact properties, and contact activities
  • Use the essentials tools for keeping Kentico Xperience application and contact data compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Perform day-to-day marketing operations, such as analyzing different marketing data and managing content of websites
  • Define and configure audience segmentation into contact groups, scoring, personas
  • Design, run and analyze optimization testing of content used in website pages and emails
  • Create and maintain automated processes to ensure effective marketing communication, content personalization, and audience segmentation
  • Understand  email marketing capabilities, create, run and analyze email campaigns, define requirements for email components (templates, widgets)

Positions and roles include:

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Implementation Specialist / Solution Architect
  • Senior Account Executive
Marketer certification

Take the marketer certification

Be recognized as an Xperience expert with the Kentico Xperience Marketer Certification, verify your practical experience and familiarity with both out-of-box and custom marketing features, as well as your knowledge and skills of digital marketing.

How to verify a certification?

To verify whether a candidate is certified, simply ask them for their public DevNet profile URL.

Certified developers and marketers can create their profiles in the Kentico DevNet Community. The profile is public, and when the candidates complete their certification, they receive their certification badge. The candidates also receive a Kentico Xperience Certified Developer certificate and a badge they can display on their LinkedIn profile.

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