Enhance customer connections with ready-to-use digital marketing

Learn from your customers’ behavior and offer them unique, frictionless experience. With Xperience by Kentico, you have CMS and digital marketing capabilities in one platform, so you can easily create omnichannel digital experiences your customers will love.

Reach a wider audience

With several channels on hand and SEO in mind, you will maximize your outreach. Whenever someone shows interest in what you do, you're there and ready to help them out.  

Customize user experience

Get to know your users better from their behavior and tailor your interaction to their needs. From relevant content on your website to personalized offers in their mailbox, your customers should know you care.

Build customer loyalty

Collect users’ contacts with CTAs and forms, recommend relevant content in emails and provide exclusive resources in a password-protected area. This approach strengthens trust and fosters customer loyalty.

Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions, Red Door Interactive
Candice Wyatt
Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions
Red Door Interactive

Xperience by Kentico has content personalization, email marketing, activity tracking and more, and you get it all for one transparent, easy to understand cost.

Do all your marketing magic from one place

Xperience by Kentico is the perfect solution that boosts your marketing team's efficiency. Smartly combining digital marketing with content management, it enables you to create campaigns across channels using a single, user-friendly solution. Get SEO features, AI assistance, personalization, email, forms and other features ready-to-use for maximum effect.  

Track your visitors behavior and learn about their preferences.

Get to know your visitors

Check how people use your website with built-in activity tracking. Collect your visitors’ data and get actionable insights into their behavior. Find potential buyers and see what your best performing content is. Segment your contacts and target them better with well-fitted communication that increases conversions. Leave assumptions aside and refine your marketing strategies based on your own data.

Be efficient with AI assistance

AI is an integral part of Xperience by Kentico weaved into the product as an intelligence layer that will touch every functionality. You can already use it to generate emails. Soon, Kentico users will be able to use AI for analytics, customer profile updates and other underlying steps that save marketers’ time and enhance omnichannel communication.  

Create personalized digital experiences

Craft exceptional customer experiences with Xperience by Kentico personalization. Is this their first visit or are they ready to order? Are they looking for a local pickup point? Customize texts, banners, forms, and more to match your audience's preferences and timing. Enjoy better results like lower bounce rates and higher engagement. Plus, it's all in one user-friendly interface.  

Easy-to-use emailing app

Email marketing with AI assistant

Design email campaigns using our email marketing app. Repurpose your content and craft AI-driven emails, dispatch newsletters, autoresponders, and personalized messages for maximum impact. Track your success with user-friendly statistics and acquire valuable insights into your campaign performance. Use the power of email to effectively connect with your audience.

No coding required

Build forms without coding

Easily gather your visitors' info with our forms. Use our simple drag-and-drop builder to create forms and add smart fields that adapt based on conditions to encourage users to share more. Stay on the safe side with our consent management for data protection. No coding skills needed!

Faceted search helps users find what they need

Improve user experience with robust search

Help visitors find what they need as quickly as possible. Xperience by Kentico offers native faceted site search, so users can refine search results with filters and search quickly even through a large volume of content. More demanding customers can use our quick plug-and-play integration with AI-powered Algolia search or Microsoft Azure AI Search.

Extend your DXP with powerful integrations

With Xperience by Kentico, you get all essential content management and digital marketing needs covered from day one. But if you have a favorite piece of software that you can’t live without, there’s nothing easier than integrating it with our platform. Simply use our plug-and-play integrations and get to market as fast as possible.

Try our new DXP with AI in a hosted trial

See AI in action! Get access to a trial version of Xperience by Kentico. Test all the features of our hybrid headless DXP with no risk and no installation needed. Free for seven days.

Privacy settings

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