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Save time and energy with reusable content

1. Save time and energy with reusable content

Marketers can create and update content at one place and use it across all websites, apps, and social channels. In Kentico, structured content is added to a simple form, separate from its design. Each page can be a combination of structured content and widgets, for example: 

  • Editable Hero banner
  • Static testimonial retrieved from testimonials section
  • Editable 50:50 content widget
  • Non-editable widget displaying other relevant content

Create pieces of content you wish to use in multiple places on your website as structured content (or products). And let your developers build widgets that allow editors to retrieve such content and display it effortlessly the way your designers desired.

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Widget properties

2. Be the master of your content

When it comes to widget properties, the sky is the limit. Make sure your marketing team defines which properties they want to use and how, and specify this information for every requested widget. Kentico Page Builder widgets are custom and have limitless options, such as:

  • Pre-defined color sets
  • Extra styling options
  • Links, tags, and CTA parameters

On top, widget zones can contain additional properties, such as:

  • Background color
  • Predefined margin and padding options
  • Anchor property for deep linking

Design a smaller set of essential widgets first. Request them from developers and improve and expand as you go.

Find out more about Page Builder widgets

Tabbed feature properties

3. Make the most of both worlds

Both structured content and Page Builder widgets have their own benefits and best use cases. Follow our best practice and use them for the most suitable content.  

Structured content is suitable for:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials, cards, and other pieces of reusable content

While Page Builder shines in:

  • Landing pages
  • Home pages
  • Content for personalization 

You can even use page templates to display structured content. That way editors can control the look of the content on the website. Even though it uses the same template, each article can look differently. Developers can prepare various layout options per marketing requirements.

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Activity types

4. Take the first step towards digital marketing

Activities represent actions that your visitors (even anonymous) perform across your site(s). The data gathered allows you to evaluate the behavior of your website's visitors and is the starting point for other online marketing activities.

Some activities that Kentico tracks by default are:

  • Products added to shopping cart
  • Clicked links in marketing email
  • User logins
  • Form submissions
  • Page visits

Other custom activities, such tracking document downloads, can be easily created by developers.

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Contact groups options

5. Split a large contact list into groups

Kentico allows you to manage segmented lists of contacts, both anonymous and recognized, based on a set of defined activities that contacts perform.

  • Contact – a single anonymous or recognized visitor who consented to tracking, who's activities on the websites are tracked by Kentico.
  • Contact group – a segmentation unit (sometimes called lists) which enables you to organize contacts. You can either add contacts to groups manually or have the system dynamically populate groups using conditions.

For most scenarios, use Contact groups to personalize your content. Once you define your conditions, Kentico updates contact groups automatically. It is also possible to use dynamic contact groups to personalize content as well as marketing emails.

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Widget personalization

6. Personalize content based on visitors' interests

Widget personalization is the easiest way to deliver tailored content to each visitor. With content personalization (an enterprise license feature), you can display unique content for different audiences based on their actions on the website.

For example, marketers can use content personalization in:

  • Featured content on home pages
  • Lists of articles

During the implementation, developers need to determine which widgets may be used for personalization. Once enabled, marketing teams can fully manage what content will be personalized without the need for technical assistance.

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