Kentico — the affordable, flexible, and empowering DXP

Use the latest web technologies with ASP.NET Core MVC, leverage the advantages of a loosely-coupled solution, and empower marketers with fully customizable, drag-and-drop widgets giving you and your team the freedom to do your work without the need for constant interruptions.

Leverage scalability & improve performance

Build fast and scalable websites with ASP.NET Core MVC technology

  • Enjoy clean architecture with the future-proof MVC development model
  • Scale with web farm environments or automatically in the cloud
  • Deploy projects with confidence across multiple environments
  • Manage sites with advanced caching options and performance tracking

Utilize extensibility & customization

Get unlimited flexibility and customize the platform to fit your business needs

  • Create custom page types, templates, and widgets
  • Extend the digital experience database to store specific data
  • Leverage assets across your websites, online stores and external applications
  • Deliver content anywhere with a headless API

Get detailed developer documentation

Our DXP comes with a fully documented API that’s usable in your .NET code. Have a question? You’ve got plenty of resources that will get you the answer, including:

Integrate Kentico with any system

Integrate content, contacts, orders, and other data with your existing technology stack

  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations and Marketplace add-ons
  • Connect anything with powerful APIs and the Kentico Toolkit
  • Build your own connectors
  • Provide cross-platform authentication
  • Integrate with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Deploy on-premises or in the cloud

Choose any deployment architecture and execute any implementation scenario at speed

  • Achieve unlimited scalability on-premises with web farm support and SQL server replication
  • Run Kentico seamlessly in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services
  • Execute hybrid scenarios with any deployment architecture
  • Simplifiy and automate the deployment of Kentico with containers

Join a community & marketplace

Join the Kentico Developer Network, an active community of developers, and get access to a variety of useful content including:

Extend with integrations

Access 24/7 global support from technical experts

Get the reassurance you need from our in-house global support team. And, access hotfixes, new features, and guides. Plus, we fix all bugs within seven business days allowing you to focus on real development instead of finding bug workarounds.

Try Kentico

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

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