Personalization at your fingertips

Provide customers with personalized experiences on the web, mobile, email, and other channels. Create touchpoints that offer unique content to different types of visitors or dynamically change what they see according to the actions they performed. Leverage integrations with Recombee and Intercom chatbot to save time while delivering tailored experiences.

Define personalization rules

Define guidelines and rules for personalization and segmentation with the Visual Rule Designer that lets you create new rules for a variety of real-life scenarios. Use them across your websites, email campaigns, or automated workflows.

Create personalized content based on demographics, behaviors, or customer context. Leverage customer data for personalization based on age, job title, visited pages, downloaded content, purchased products, campaign clicks, purchase stage, location, browser, device, and more.   

Create personalization variants

Easily create multiple personalization variants for particular content using widgets with integrated personalization options. In just a few clicks, set up different content for specific customer segments or visitors belonging to one of your personas.

Analyze results to optimize content

Built-in activity tracking app lets you track visited pages, identify the most frequent users, and create the most relevant content based on their interests. With the flexible and scalable plug-and-play user interface, you can create personalized content and post it to a website immediately.

How to create personalized experiences in Kentico Xperience

In this short video, Jake Kula, one of our Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), explains how you can capture contacts on your website, define personas, and create personalized experiences for your visitors. 

Personalization in Kentico Xperience 13

Find out how to capture contacts and leverage personas for efficient online marketing.

Personalize your user experience with AI

Save your editors’ time and use Recombee AI engine to personalize your website. Sophisticated algorithms provide accurate results and bring the most relevant content to every user. With the help of AI, editors don’t need to choose which article is suitable for each persona.

Leverage customer data from Intercom chatbot

Intercom chatbot integrated into Kentico Xperience helps visitors quickly find what they need. It can update your existing customer profile with new details, such as contact or preferences. Then, the data from Contact Management app can be used for more tailored conversations with the chatbot and for personalized digital experiences.

Setting up personalization in Algolia admin interface

Improve your content strategy based on search reports

Azure Search or Algolia Search integrated with Kentico Xperience enable you to personalize visitors' search results. Set up the rules and the AI powered search engines will show the most relevant content to every user. Then, you can optimize your content strategy based on search reports mapping what your customers look for and how successful they are in their searches.

Add personalization rules directly to code

Marketers don’t have to set all personalization by themselves. Developers can write personalization conditions directly into page templates. Kentico Xperience then dynamically resolves variants based on various contact groups. This feature saves marketers a significant amount of time.

Try Kentico

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Key digital marketing features

Marketing automation

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and built-in analytics, you can easily automate and optimize your campaigns on any channel.


Provide customers with personalized experiences on the web, mobile, email, and other channels.


Campaign Management

Execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and gain intelligence on individual channels.


Email Marketing

Send beautifully crafted newsletters and targeted marketing emails based on website activity, customer data, or lead scoring.



Create content and product recommendations using customer data and Recombee, a platform with real-time machine learning.



Make it easy for customers to find the information they need on your websites with flexible search capabilities.

Form Builder

Build forms without any technical skills, insert them anywhere on your website, and start capturing data the smart way.


Social Marketing

Update social channels with announcements of new blogs, press releases, catalogs, products, and information.



Optimize important on-page SEO factors, URLs, and HTML code.

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