Azure Search

Create better search experiences for your visitors by connecting the content of your website seamlessly with the Azure Search service. This allows you to store the search indexes in Azure Search’s storage and enjoy faster search responses, regardless of the size of your website.

 Azure Search

Scalable Searching

As your website grows, so can your website’s search capabilities. With Azure Search, scale up and down as needed, and be confident that, no matter how quickly or slowly your site expands, you can still deliver accurate and fast search results.

Machine Learning

Add artificial intelligence to returned results by leveraging the enhanced language-learning capabilities of Azure Search. With every search made on your website, return more accurate results, no matter how vague or precise the search term is.

Faceted Search

Filter search results according to different facets, such as page categories, authors, date range, product availability, etc. Faceted Search in Kentico provides your visitors with the ability to find what they are looking for faster.

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