Responsive Images Management

Are you tired of wasting time manually editing your images? With Responsive Images Management, content editors can upload a single image attachment, which is then automatically transformed according to variant definitions coded to fit the website‘s specific needs for various layouts and devices.

 Responsive Images Management in Kentico

The Approach

Over the years, the requirements for image content have grown with things such as new devices, resolutions, and retina displays, as well as changes in accessibility compliance, the ability to print web materials, and more.

With Responsive Images Management, you are not restricted by having to use one image across multiple platforms or devices, or wasting time by creating a new version of the same image for every device and layout, and uploading them one at a time.

Now, from one single uploaded image attachment, a set of variants is automatically transformed according to your individual predefined variant types without the need for a content editor to perform any further actions.

Any Site, Any Device, Anytime

These variants are immediately ready to use in any site design and specific layout, as well as on any device—from mobile phones with limited network throughput to desktop computers with UHD screens and a broadband connection.

Create Your Own Definitions

As each project is unique, you are not forced to use standard out-of-the-box variant definitions, but instead, you can create your own, with your set of filters, even using high-performance third-party libraries for image processing.

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