MVC Page Templates

With the MVC Page Templates, your marketing team gains more freedom and can produce Landing Pages much faster. By starting with a template, you can have a Landing Page live in a matter of minutes.

 MVC Page Templates

Marketer Control

As a Marketer tasked with creating a Landing page, you usually do not have much time to spare. If you need to go to a developer or even an external agency to set up everything for a new landing page, you lose a lot of time that could have otherwise been invested into more creative and strategic marketing tasks. With MVC Page Templates in Kentico, you have a set of several page templates that were created upfront based on best practices, brand guidelines, and your common landing page requirements, meaning you can finish your new landing page within minutes.

Save Top-performing Templates

If you invest your time and create a high-performing landing page, there is no reason to start from scratch the next time. Simply save your top-performing landing pages as Custom templates (including its content, such as sections, widgets, and set properties) and save time the next time you create a new one based on it.

Default versus Custom

You can use a Default template to create a landing page in minutes. Developers can also restrict where specific templates can be used, so as to preserve the site specifications and ensure nothing breaks in other areas of the site. You can also adjust template properties that were defined by a developer, such as different layout, background, or color.

When you are super happy with a page, you can save a template and its content as a new Custom template for later reuse. You can always switch the template of an existing page, so you do not need to recreate it again in the tree if the current template does not fit (note: this will replace all your widgets and content with widgets and content from the new template).

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