Kentico Online Marketing Solution comes with an out-of-the-box segmentation module that allows marketers to segment their contacts into groups and to deliver content that is highly relevant to each, boosting visitor engagement and conversion rates.

Easy-to-use Segmentation Tool

The Segmentation module in the Kentico Online Marketing solution comes out-of-the-box, so there is no need for complicated third-party integration. Marketers can easily define customer segments through the user-friendly visual interface and can do so directly in their browser without relying on developers.

Then they can immediately leverage the defined segments across all other built-in online marketing tools, such as Email Marketing, A/B and MVT Testing, Content Personalization, Lead Scoring and Marketing Automation. They can also integrate the data with external systems such as their CRM or ERP and leverage your existing segmentation.

Highly Sophisticated Segmentation of Contacts

The advanced segmentation in the Kentico Online Marketing solution allows sophisticated definition of visitor segments according to contact management data collected across multiple channels.

Data includes visitor demographics, context, and website behavior like internal search, pages visited, forms submitted, actions performed, devices used, and more. While marketers can use all rules mentioned above, developers can further enhance the available rules with custom ones written using built-in K# macro language for unlimited segmentation possibilities.

Multi-channel Visitor Segmentation for Higher ROI

With the Segmentation module in the Kentico Online Marketing solution, Marketers can provide visitors with a customized and personalized experience in real time across multiple channels, dramatically boosting visitor experience and ROI.

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