Deliver perfectly personalized experiences with Segmentation

Enhance engagement with your most valuable prospects by easily grouping your website visitors into meaningful groups based on their activities and trades. Segmenting your audiences is the perfect way to deliver unique, highly personalized user experiences, boost your conversion rates, strengthen your customer relationships, and enhance customer retention. The Kentico Xperience Contact Segmentation provides you with a solid base for all advanced digital marketing features and tools within your digital experience platform.

Make your visitors’ customer journey unique

While your visitors’ requirements might be similar, each of them wants to feel exclusive while browsing your site. To avoid getting overwhelmed by managing personal contacts individually, Kentico Xperience allows you to efficiently segment your contact database. In so doing, you guarantee that only highly personalized digital experiences, relevant content, and perfectly tailored product recommendations are delivered to each of your visitors. 

Step up the personalization game by 

  • Drilling down your huge contact list into highly specific Contact Groups  
  • Organizing your visitors around Customer Personas
  • Scoring their sales readiness to identify hot leads  
  • Plugging in an integration to have the AI process your data

Segment audiences with ease

Leverage the full potential of the powerful out-of-the-box segmentation tools within your DXP that let you easily define customer segments through the user-friendly visual interface.  

As all your visitors’ activity gets tracked and stored in Customer Profiles automatically, you can easily leverage the valuable data to set up an unlimited number of Contact Groups. Thanks to the applied low-code/no-code approach, it’s very straightforward. Simply—select the desired condition, define the given dependencies, and let the system take care of the rest. The platform will keep an eye on new visitors matching the specific conditions and automatically add them to relevant segments. 

Unlock unlimited segmentation possibilities

In Kentico Xperience, you can configure any number of Contact Groups, conditioned by any number of aspects, such as demographics, visited pages, purchased products, submitted forms, and beyond. There are no limits! In case the sample list of pre-defined conditions in your platform is not sufficient, you can always create your own custom rules to perfectly suit all your needs.

Leverage segmentation across channels

Deliver the most suitable message to your visitors across all channels and build lasting customer relationships. Your pages are configured for several personalization variants so you can target specific segments by displaying relevant products or content, as well as by sending personalized information, tips, and tricks via marketing automation. Take advantage of this extremely straightforward way to connect and bond with your visitors and customers!

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Key customer data platform features

Contact Management

Get a holistic view of your customers and use customer data to deliver a personalized experience.

Activity Tracking

Discover how your visitors and customers interact with content on your website, email, or online store.



Segment contacts using a full range of collected data and leverage segments in all your digital initiatives.


Lead Scoring

Create lead scoring rules that combine demographics and behaviors to qualify your prospective clients automatically.



Define personas, monitor how they perform over time, and give visitors a personalized experience across channels.


Data Protection

Comply with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, PII, or CCPA.

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