GDPR and Data Protection

Kentico’s Data Protection app is highly customizable to help you comply with even the strictest data protection regulations, such as GDPR and PII. It can handle right to access, data portability, and right to be forgotten, and even track the consents on your website, helping you avoid unpleasant fines.

 GDPR and Data Protection

Data Flow

Don’t worry about the difficulty of mapping the data flow in Kentico 11. Whenever you need to find data to comply with GDPR or any other data protection regulation requests, Kentico’s extensive documentation makes it easier for you to locate data and navigate within it.


Take advantage of Kentico 11’s integrated consent management, and create, store, update, or archive consents in the Data Protection app with ease. Keep track of the given consents and display them to your website’s visitors, whenever necessary, through the provided web parts and form controls.

Right to Access

Kentico 11’s Data Protection app lets you deal with data protection rights such as right to access, as required by GDPR and other international data regulations. By giving you the ability to access all data from one point, you no longer need to worry about the difficult and lengthy process of gathering data from different sources, and missing costly deadlines.

Right to Be Forgotten

Respond to demands for personal data deletion from your visitors with ease. Through Kentico 11’s Data Protection app, you can selectively delete relevant data and comply within the strict deadlines imposed by GDPR and other international data protection regulations.

Data Portability

Using the highly customizable Data Protection app, you can provide, upon request, data in machine-readable format. This allows personal data to be exported from one system and imported to another for easy movement of data.

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