Create unrivalled digital experiences with a digital experience platform

Boost your digital transformation, outperform your KPIs and beat the competition. A digital experience platform will help you skyrocket your performance by delivering exceptional user experiences across all channels. Leverage the full potential of modern technology and provide true value for your customers, users and partners—a DXP is the key!

What is a DXP?

While the market evolves, clients’ needs diversify. modern customer journey encompasses customer interactions across all channels, devices and touchpointsDelivering unified and seamless digital experiences is therefore essential to successfully walk your customers through the entire customer lifecycle, and nurture them toward finalizing the purchase. 

A digital experience platform (DXP) will help you understand your customers’ needs, collect and connect valuable data and stay ahead of the curve. 

It’s a fully integrated solution within a single tool, evolved from content management system (CMS)While a CMS helps with managing and delivering content for their websites and applications, a DXP combines content management with digital marketing capabilities, and digital commerce. It enables you to deliver consistent and perfectly personalized digital experiences across all channels and devices and boost your business results. It’s all you need for your digital transformation! 

Content Management System

Create, deliver and manage your digital content—website, ads, social media, graphics, apps, products, videos and more—across all channels, and optimize your customers’ digital experience.

Digital Marketing

Increase your marketing performance by delivering personalized digital experiences. Leverage marketing automation, email marketing, A/B testing, AI-driven recommendations and other useful features to drive relevant traffic to all your digital touchpoints.

Digital Commerce

Make your e-shop stand out and offer your customers exactly what they need! Create beautiful product pages with rich interactions and increase conversion rates, basket sizes and the number of returning customers. Deliver seamless user experiences leveraging clever features.


Discover the perks of using a DXP

Bringing online marketing, content management, and digital commerce all under one roof will help you create seamless digital experiences for your customers and build strong relationships with them.

Increase your customer engagement through modern, future-proof websites with powerful features and cutting-edge technology.


Get inspired by successful journeys

Customers in all industries and domains, such as manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare, retail, construction, and many others, use Kentico Xperience to boost their digital transformation and drive better business results

Learn all about the best practices and discover how you can leverage the product to achieve success with your project!


Watch videos about DXP

Modernizing Kentico Xperience

Modernizing Kentico Xperience

Discover how we plan to modernize our much-loved product, Kentico Xperience, what will happen after the next release, and upcoming changes to our business model.
DXP in Digital Transformation

The Role of Digital Experience Platforms in Digital Transformation

The standard business technology stack is growing, founding a new problem in regards to digital transformation: disconnection. We’ll discuss the potential for digital experience platforms to provide a solution to the disintegrated tech stack.


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