Digital experience platforms help you craft and deliver amazing digital experiences

If you’re looking to level up your marketing to meet the sky-high expectations of today’s customer, then your research will no doubt have funneled you toward the latest in a long line of marketing must-haves—the digital experience platform (DXP). But what is a digital experience platform? What promises do DXPs make? Do they live up to the hype?

What is a digital experience platform (DXP)?

Contrary to popular belief, a digital experience platform is not just another content management system that helps you deliver content via your websites and apps. It’s a next-generation platform that provides a complete suite of fully integrated digital tools (content management, digital marketing and digital commerce) that enable you to craft and manage a holistic, personalized, and consistent customer journey across all touchpoints and devices, all from within a single platform. 

Digital experience platforms leverage cutting-edge technologies (like artificial intelligence and machine learning) to track and provide actionable insights on customers’ interests, preferences, behaviors, and interactions throughout the entire lifecycle and across all devices and channels, before automatically serving content specifically tailored to each customer in order to foster meaningful relations with them. 

Built to meet you where you’re at digitally, the composability, flexibility, extensibility, and scalability of a DXP means that you never outgrow it. It’s always ready to integrate with your next step or the next big thing and support you along your digital experience maturity journey.

Designed to meet sky-high customer expectations

Your customers demand a personalized, memorable, consistent and seamless digital experience throughout their customer journey across all the channels, devices, or touchpoints they wish to connect with you through. It’s more important to them than price. And if they don’t get it from you, they’ll go somewhere else. Improving the customer experience can boost sales revenues by up to 7% and profitability up to 2%.

Companies simply have to step up their customer experience delivery, and this means stepping up their technology. It’s no good trying to cobble together a bunch of best-of-breed tools. Not only would each tool have to be maintained, upgraded, and made compatible with the rest of the stack, but unless integration is absolutely seamless, marketers are going to be jumping in and out of silos all day trying to get a vague picture of the customer and turn that into a conversion.

A digital experience platform has been designed to help companies meet their customers’ sky-high expectations (and their business goals) with ease.

Content management ease and flexibility

A DXP will enable you to create, publish, and manage all digital content from one place for use (and reuse) across all channels, and optimize your customers’ digital experience. It will supercharge your marketing with smooth processes and workflows and empower your team to launch landing pages and build drag-and-drop marketing automation campaigns without having to involve developers.

Powerfully personalized digital experiences

DXPs help you level up your digital marketing by providing sophisticated tools like marketing automation, email marketing, A/B testing, AI-driven recommendations and more. You can manage, scale, automate and personalize your email campaigns with ease and drive consistent omnichannel experiences thanks to a complete 360-degree view of your customer.

Seamless integration, now and forever

A DXP can serve as the hub for your entire tech stack, through which you can manage the full customer experience. By integrating fluidly through APIs and eliminating data silos, you can to achieve seamless end-to-end digital experience excellence. No matter how far your digital maturity grows or which new technologies emerge, a DXP is ready to take you into the future.

Supporting business goals, inside and out

A DXP is not just a digital customer experience platform, it’s also a digital employee experience platform, as it supports greater efficiency and productivity in the daily work of your team.

Packed with low-code, no code tools, reusable widgets, automated workflows, and drag&drop interfaces, your marketing team can get better, more relevant content out there faster than ever before.

Fully integrated digital marketing and e-commerce

With a DXP at the heart of your tech stack, you can manage your entire online presence from one place, including your e-shop!

Not only can you create beautiful product pages with rich interactions, but as it’s all fully integrated with your customer data, you can personalize the shopping experience with smart recommendations and tailored offerings to encourage larger basket sizes and life-long customers.

The ultimate in customer experience

If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, then you can’t go wrong with a DXP (digital experience platform). Not only do you get all the tools you need to actively engage customers, but you get them seamlessly integrated and accessible via a single easy-to-use interface. And by automating tedious processes, your team can save valuable time that they can spend on more revenue-boosting activities.

Customer insights from across all touchpoints are brought together for a technicolor picture of who they are and what they want, which can be leveraged to craft the perfect experience tailored just for them, creating customers for life.

You’ve come to the right place

If you’d like to learn more about what a DXP could do for your organization, we’re a pretty good place to start, as we’ve been recognized in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ report six years running and are named a Leader in G2’s Grid® Report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), ranking in the top 25% of DXPs.

We have literally hundreds of resources on digital experience platforms; such as how to whittle down your shortlist, how Kentico compares to alternatives, how much DXPs costs, what sort of ROI to expect, how you can leverage DXPs to smash your business goals, and what to beware of.

At Kentico, we’re all about digital experience maturity and we strongly believe that the solution should match the organization and where they are at digitally. So, you might find our digital maturity calculator helpful as you continue your research into the world of DXPs and take your first steps on your digital transformation journey.

Get inspired by successful journeys

While you’re here, why not explore some digital experience platform examples? Our customers have shared their own journeys; including what issues they were facing, why they went the DXP route, and how our solution has impacted their business by providing everything they require to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Or you might like to even take our solution for a spin? Schedule a personalized demo today!

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