How to get the best value for your money

The average lifetime of a new digital experience platform (DXP) is around three to five years. We know that choosing a new one can be a painful process that requires many aspects to be considered and a significant investment. To better support you during the decision-making, we’re explaining what affects the overall price of your DXP and how much value Kentico adds to your business in comparison to complex, integrated systems.

Value for money infographic

Make sure you know what you need

To make sure your new digital experience platform (DXP) is the right fit, define your needs first. Answering the following questions will help you estimate the complexity of your future DXP and set expectations for your implementation lifetime:

  • Do I use my DXP’s advanced marketing features now? 
  • What change do I expect from my new DXP? 
  • Where do I want my business to be in five years? 
  • If I buy best-of-breed technology to meet my digital needs, will I use all its features, or does it come with needless extras?

Choosing the right DXP is not just about the initial cost

Before you make the final decision, consider all related costs. The price of a DXP license and its implementation is just the first deciding factor related to your budget. To estimate the overall cost, compare the initial price with the value it brings to your business.  

You might think “better safe than sorry” and choose a very complex platform with many functionalities and options, just in case you will ever need them. Unfortunately, buying overkill software doesn’t secure your future growth. On the contrary.  

The cost of an unsuitable solution

When it comes to DXPs, the best is the one that meets your needs and enables scalability in the right direction. Having too many options, functionalities, integrations, etc., means dragging along heavy weight you will never use.  

You can get a DXP with the capabilities you really need and not waste money on extras. What you save can be invested during implementation on things that add value to your project, including user experience research and design. 

An inefficient platform is costly at every step

Overkill solution reduces your project’s value and the extra costs don’t stop with the license. The complexity of your solution will be your enemy every time you use it. From implementation and development to maintenance and administration, such system requires complicated, inefficient processes. 

Focus on implementation

Due to spending money on inefficient processes, you end up with budget cuts on parts of the implementation that help you increase conversion rate:

  • better content
  • implementation of personalization and other digital marketing features
  • extended UX research
  • advanced analytics
  • digital marketing strategy
So ask your DXP representative why you should pay so much more. Or talk to us about how much you can save with Kentico. 

Consider time for editing

An overkill technology system creates a painful editing experience. In some platforms, editors can’t change a page content in one place. Instead, they must go to several “data sources.” An editing interface with too many options resembles a labyrinth, which takes longer to navigate and complicates onboarding.

On the contrary, in the Kentico Page Builder, you can create templates, new pages, and landing pages with widgets but data isn’t spread over dozens of “data sources”. Kentico editors can also save time by adding content simply into a form containing all required fields.

Think about extensions

As the complexity of the solution grows in time, so does the assumption that you need everything tailor-made. Instead of leveraging out-of-the-box features, the complex system works with functionalities provided through API. Therefore, everything needs custom programming.

Don't be mistaken, Kentico is just as good for customization. You can add extensions into the code, build your own apps, and integrate the platform with other software. But if that’s not what you need, you can utilize a volume of out-of-the-box features.  

Avoiding complexity is difficult in the case of enormous websites. But what if you’re looking at a much more complicated solution than you need? 

Contact us 

Avoid mistakes and make the right decision. Our team of skilled experts will listen to your expectations and requirements. They will guide you through the Kentico features and discuss whether it’s the right DXP to help your organization grow. 

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