One vendor. Two products

Kentico is no longer just a content management system. It is a strong vendor brand, a caring employer and a global company with two fully fledged products—Kontent and Xperience.

One vendor. 
Two products

Dont fall for buzzwords when choosing your next CMS

Headless CMS, Digital Experience Platform (DXP), composable DXP, unified DXP, agile CMS... We will untangle this jumble of terms for you and help you choose the right approach towards working with content.

Looking for Kentico CMS?

The original Kentico CMS doesn’t exist anymore. We’ve evolved and now we offer you two products—both of which include a content management system. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right tool.

A CMS with marketing tools for midmarket

Previously called Kentico CMS/EMS

This is our unified digital experience platform (DXP) which includes a content management system and a set of digital marketing & commerce tools. It allows you to create a complex digital experience from one platform that grows with you and your company.

A headless CMS for enterprise

Previously called Kentico Cloud

Our headless CMS allows business teams to plan, create, and collaborate on content in real time, while giving developers the flexibility to design digital experiences for any channel. API-first, Kontent seamlessly integrates in your best-of-breed microservices architecture.

Appreciated by customers

To care is in our DNA

We believe everyone can participate in making this world a better place. We are not afraid to own the responsibility we have towards our customers, partners, employees, their families, the environment and the wildlife on our planet. Read on to see for yourself we mean it.

Stronger together.

Kentico would be nothing without all the amazing people working with us. They are our biggest treasure. Meet the 270+ people that put their hearts and souls into our products and made Kentico the company it is today.

17 years of success

17 years ago, it was only Petr Palas—a hardworking visionary—and his bachelor thesis in which he laid the foundations for Kentico CMS. Since then we’ve come a long way. Every single success, award and recognition, we’ve achieved without a dime borrowed. And today, we are a global company with two flagship products and more than 270 people proud of working at Kentico.