Discover the Kentico built-in Content Hub

Discover the game-changing Content Hub within Xperience by Kentico digital experience platform! Mix and match pieces of your digital content while ensuring it's optimized for multichannel use.


Content Hub - one app for all your content types

No need to duplicate, copy-paste, and update every piece of information at several places anymore. It’s time to harness the power of the Content Hub – the modern solution for centralized content management.  

Content Hub, a new app within Xperience by Kentico digital experience platform (DXP), accommodates all your content and digital assets as structured content that’s easy to manage and reuse. You can still create your content in Page Builder just like in older versions of Kentico, but now the structured content you create in Page Builder gets automatically saved in the Content Hub.

Adopt a true multichannel approach with Content Hub

Create consistent user experience across channels

Content Hub is a single place of truth. When you update your content there, the change is automatically reflected in all instances.  

Work with maximum efficiency

Create your content once and display it with the desired design on different channels, reducing the time and resources required for new content creation. 

Easily reuse your content

Content Hub stores your content as structured data that can be easily extended, upgraded, and optimized for search engines (SEO).

Save energy and space

Content that is repurposed instead of recreated improves your site performance and demands less storage space and computational resources.

How it works

  • Out-of-the-box in Xperience by Kentico – ready to be used with other digital marketing tools in Kentico
  • Ready for intuitive page building – Use content hub items in Page Builder widgets
  • All content types in one place – A single app in the DXP for your texts, media, files, and more
  • Structured data – To add an item to the content hub you fill out a clear form with predefined fields
The content hub multichannel content story

The content hub multichannel content story

Xperience by Kentico Content Hub - How it works

Discover more about the Kentico Content Hub

Learn how Content Hub works. Get a practical how-to guide that will show you step by step through the process of creating a new item in the Content Hub and using it on your website.

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