Checkout Process

Design scenario-specific checkout processes for achieving maximum conversions with Kentico’s E-commerce solution.

 Checkouts for maximizing revenue

Build Any Checkout Process

You can create your checkout process using out-of-the-box drag and drop web parts.

Single-page Checkout

Kentico provides you with a single-page checkout process tailored to your specific business and allows payment through mobile devices, so your product or service is available wherever and whenever your customers need it.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Research shows that roughly 75% of visitors that don’t make a purchase on their first visit intend to buy at a later date. Kentico’s E-commerce solution uses the fully-integrated Kentico Online Marketing solution to nurture cart-abandoners to full customer status using features, such as:

  • Personalization, allowing you to tailor the shopping experience to the specific shopper and their interests.
  • The integrated Strands Recommender, enabling you to show related products during the checkout process.
  • Marketing Automation, so you can automatically nurture your potential customers with shopping cart reminders and personalized emails to draw them back to your site.
  • A/B testing, allowing you to test and optimize the checkout process.
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