Showcase products better with Product Information Management

Manage your products in your e-shop with ease and improve your customer experience. Create a product catalog with flexible design and navigation catered to your needs. Design product pages with rich interactions, imagery, and technical specifications. The advanced filtering and full-text search will help your customers easily find what they came for and boost your sales.

Offer any product

Manage your products seamlessly and with confidence, without developers’ help. Whether you sell goods, services, e-products, memberships, or bundled products—with the clever out-of-the-box solution, you’ll always stay on top of all your products. Simply, define basic parameters such as product name, description, SKU, price, tax class, manufacturer, or supplier, attach pictures, or videos—and you’re ready to offer it on your website!

Utilize product options and variants

Are your customers excited about some product? Make sure they truly find what they came for by defining multiple variants, and offering even more related products to them. Personalize the selection effortlessly to speak directly to your visitors and enhance their customer experience. Apply various types of discounts and configure special offers that will increase your revenue.

Categorize products

Speed up the search process and increase the appearance of the searched products in your online store search results by defining additional attributes and categories. With clear product navigation, your customers will easily find the desired products, shop in larger volumes, and become loyal to your brand. You can even create multiple departments if you run a large store with different product types.

Make products easier to find

Let customers refine search results with different filters, such as product categories, attributes, or product availability. Make sure they always see how many items fall into each category and provide multiple filters enabling customers to access relevant products.

Save time by importing products

The easy-to-use wizard lets you import any data from external SQL databases, XML, or XLS files with just a few clicks. Leverage the pre-preprared API to easily integrate your digital experience platform with an ERP or other third-party tools and import products from any format of your choice.

Automate product journey

From publishing your products, through their purchase, to the follow-up communication with the customer—you can leverage other clever DXP tools and features to support the entire journey of the product. Organizing your products as separate Pages in your content tree allows you to apply content workflows over them, easily add more language variants, define metatags, or set up marketing automation processes without needing to leave the Commerce module.

Try Kentico

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

Key digital commerce features

Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

Tailor the checkout process with an easy-to-use shopping cart for customers purchasing your products and services.


Product Information Management

Create a product catalog with flexible design and navigation catered to your needs and offer any product.


Payment and Shipping Options

Make payments an integral part of the checkout process and configure shipping with automated calculations.


Promotions and Discounts

Apply various types of discounts and promotions and configure special offers using predefined or custom rules.


Multi-store Management

Manage multiple stores in one place. Share your products, payment methods, order statuses, invoices, and more across your stores.


Commerce Integrations

Exchange product information, prices, orders, invoices, and delivery notes with other systems and apps.

Multilingual Shopping

Offer products in any language. Automatically show content in appropriate language, currency, and time zone.

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