Web Parts

Kentico provides you with out-of-the-box web parts that cover any common scenario - from navigation menus, repeaters, and datalists, to module-specific web parts, such as Forums and Shopping Carts. Every web part is highly customizable in terms of design and behavior.

 Kentico comes with out-of-the-box web parts for rapid website development

Drag and Drop, Then Configure

Web parts can be added on the page, dragged and dropped among web part zones, and configured, all through the user interface.

Use Web Parts in Visual Studio

Web parts are standard ASP.NET user controls (ASCX) which means you can also use them on your ASPX page templates or other ASPX pages.

User-Developed Web Parts

You can develop your own web parts using Visual Studio. Web parts are user controls that inherit CMSAbstractWebPart classes.

Customizable Web Part Layout

Most Kentico web parts allow you to modify the HTML code they render through the user interface. It allows you to change the layout of various built-in dialogs, without overwriting the web part code and risking conflicts during a system upgrade.

Developing Widgets

Widgets are special types of web parts that are used by content administrators. They typically have a simplified set of attributes. All you need to do is customize the web part attributes and configure who can use the widget.

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Get More Web Parts

Kentico Marketplace provides additional web parts created by third-party developers that further enhance Kentico functionality.

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