Deliver fast and scalable websites

Implement high-performance websites with the latest ASP.NET technology. Handle increased traffic by scaling up your solution and deliver a consistently fast digital experience.

Build websites with modern ASP.NET technology

Build websites with a robust platform using the latest ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server technologies that scale exceptionally well in a web farm and the cloud. Out-of-the-box native optimization, content compression, or caching services help you deliver a swift and flexible user experience.

Scale-out on the fly using web farm environments

Is your website traffic increasing rapidly? Kentico Xperience will help you provide a consistent experience to all visitors even when your website grows popular. Running in a standard Windows Server web farm environment, Kentico Xperience makes scaling out an easy task. Built-in automatic synchronization of files and in-memory objects will keep your websites in sync even if you distribute them across multiple servers.

Increase website performance with advanced caching options

Improve data loading and reduce unnecessary processing to deliver content at lightning speed. Kentico Xperience’s built-in optimization features allow you to configure cache dependencies down to individual files, widgets, or pages. Setting the cache on the lowest granular level ensures a reliable, performant website experience no matter its size or how frequently it gets updated.

Scale your web solutions in the cloud

No need to pay for extra tiers all the time! Automatic scaling in the cloud will scale up or down your web application when the number of page views or concurrent users increases or when the CPU or memory starts running low. Set the rules and synchronization features will help you keep your instances in sync when the system adds or removes machines. You don't need any third-party modules or synchronization tools with web farm cloud support.

Configure the distributed environment with flair

Stop switching between several tools to adjust configurations. Scheduled tasks can automatically update changes from UAT site to production. Editors can manually trigger content updates from pre-prod to production using staged tasks. You can adjust configurations of your main or every other site, even if they are distributed across multiple instances. Integration bus can handle communication with other 3rd party integrations. In short, you can single-handedly configure the whole environment from within the Kentico Xperience user interface.

Debug with ease using built-in tools

Sophisticated debugging tools will help you monitor internal activity and ensure you’re getting the best possible performance. And if you find a problem, the built-in Roslyn compiler will speed up re-building or test-deploying your project when you’re fixing performance-related or other issues.

Ensure stable performance with health tracking

Stop wasting resources on broken instances. Kentico Xperience automatically monitors the conditions of all instances registered in the environment. When the system detects an issue during synchronization or elsewhere, it automatically updates the status and sends you a notification. In no time, you can step in and take measures to bring unresponsive instances back to order.

Try our new DXP with AI in a hosted trial

See AI in action! Get access to a trial version of Xperience by Kentico. Test all the features of our hybrid headless DXP with no risk and no installation needed. Free for seven days.

Key platform features

Scalability and Performance

Deliver high-performance websites with the latest ASP.NET technology.


MVC Development

Speed up development with ASP.NET Core MVC and make marketers more productive with widgets.


Deployment Tools

Benefit from straightforward deployment and server maintenance. Create and synchronize multiple environments effortlessly.



Eliminate threats and secure your websites. Stay protected with Anti-CSRF tokens and create multiple security layers.


Cloud Deployment

Deploy your websites in the cloud.


Headless API

Publish content to any channel with a powerful headless API layer.


Extensibility and Customization

Extend the platform with your code. Add custom functionality and customize the user interface to fit specific use cases.

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