Extend and customize as you need

Extend the platform with your code. Add custom functionality and customize the user interface to fit specific use cases. Create your own modules, widgets, page templates, or page types.

Create custom page types, templates, or widgets

Define your own custom page types, e.g., office locations or articles, and their fields within the user interface. Edit their forms for data-entry without any coding. Customize page templates and widgets, enhance them with your code, or create new ones from scratch.

Extend database tables and create custom form controls

Allow users to select data from external systems and build specific controls with custom validation rules. Enhance system tables with your own fields to store specific data - no coding needed. Or create entirely new custom database tables with individual form controls for your own modules.

Build your own modules

Integrate custom modules into Kentico Xperience. Show them in system menus using the user interface personalization, and leverage the built-in security system to manage access rights, full-text search, import/export, and more capabilities. Save time with automatic installation and updating modules using NuGet packages.

Create custom providers and event handlers

Extend the system with custom libraries replacing or enhancing standard behavior. Integrate a payment provider, authentication, membership provider, or commerce product provider of your choice. Execute custom code whenever specific actions occur within the system using global event handlers.

Connect multiple technologies using API

Integrate easily with robust and open REST API.

Access any feature in Kentico Xperience through an API. Call them from your code to read or modify content, user accounts, site configuration, or any other settings. Leverage a built-in RESTful service to read, create, update, and delete virtually any object within the system, enabling you to transfer data to and from Kentico Xperience.

Leverage the Commerce business API.

Create any shopping experience with the Commerce business API. Use simplified commerce API calls that are easy to understand and straightforward to implement, and keep the number of necessary calls to a minimum. Forget about spending hours on browsing through API references. Adjust the commerce solution quickly and effectively.

Deliver content anywhere with a headless API.

Publish content easily to any channel with a powerful headless API layer. Kentico Xperience offers a high-performance REST API enhanced with a global CDN network. Make your content highly available at no time anywhere in the world. Create stunning digital experiences using modern JavaScript frameworks and speed up development with SDKs for all major languages.

Try Kentico

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Key features for integrations

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Benefit from prepackaged integrations.


Extensibility and APIs

Access any feature with robust and open REST API.


Integration Bus

Build connectors with the Integration Bus.


Translation Management

Connect third-party translation services and automate your translation process.



Authenticate visitors using a variety of authentication methods.


Payment Providers

Integrate your choice of payment methods and make payment an integral part of the checkout process.

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