With Kentico CMS, you can publish personal and corporate blogs and allow readers to post comments. You can manage any number of blogs and allow one or more users to add new posts and share them through RSS feeds and keep your audience aware of new content. You can also fully customize the design of the blog with your own graphics and widgets.


Categories and Tags

Kentico CMS allows you to organize blog posts using categories and tags.


Site visitors can comment on your posts and give feedback. You have also full control over the content of the comments using:

On-Site Editing

You can edit blog posts either through the administration interface or through the website’s front-end. You can allow site members to create their own blogs and manage them without having access to the administration interface.

Blog Post Rating

Content rating allows you to recognize what content your readers like most and focus on that to make your blog more successful.

Social Bookmarking

Display links to chosen social bookmarking services and allow readers to bookmark your posts and spread the word about your blog.



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