Live Tiles and Dashboard Customization

The new Kentico dashboard that comes out of the box with any Kentico installation has been designed to be the best part of your day. Refreshingly intuitive and easy to master, the calm and customizable dashboard not only gives you a clear overview of what’s happening on your website, but helps boost productivity of day-to-day tasks.

Make it yours

Kentico brings a significantly improved dashboard experience, helping you to cut through the complexity of the system to get straight to the applications you need.

The new customizable dashboard speeds us your tasks by being your own tailor-made navigation. You can arrange and rearrange your dashboard tiles in the way that works best for you and personalize your Kentico experience for maximum comfort and productivity.

Sneak peek tiles

Unique to Kentico, your dashboard now provides you with real-time insights by displaying current data from within various applications inside your chosen live tiles. You can now get up-to-date information about your website and campaigns at a glance for easy monitoring and a great overview – no need to open each application separately.

Superior overview

Check visitor numbers, forms submitted, contacts pending, and emails queued. See how many A/B tests and discounts are running and how long it’s been since the last system restart. Want more info? Add more tiles! It’s easy to modify tiles or extend the list with custom ones, too. Information at your fingertips. Kentico way of life.

Kentico way of life

With the Kentico dashboard, you can design your workspace around you. Enjoy super-intuitive navigation, a clear overview of running projects, and a clutter-free environment for peace and productivity.

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