The Workgroups module allows you to create a place where your employees or partners can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and upload documents. Workgroups represent the core of a social intranet and enable team collaboration in an Enterprise 2.0 way.

 Sample workgroup focused on a single project - Microsoft Office upgrade


Workgroups provide many features that help improve the productivity and communication of a team, including:

Workgroup Creation and Management by End Users

Workgroups can be created and managed on the live site by end users without access to the administration interface. The initial page structure of the workgroup is copied from a pre-defined workgroup template designed by a web developer.

Newly created workgroups may optionally require approval by an intranet administrator. The creator of the workgroup can manage its content, settings, and all features, as well as invite other people to join the group or make them group administrators.

Workgroup-Specific Content

Each workgroup represents an independent part of your website. Features such as projects or forums are managed separately for every workgroup. This way, you can divide content into clearly defined website areas for individual projects or teams.

Customizable Permissions

The content of a given workgroup can be made available for all website visitors, limited to registered users, or accessible only by workgroup members.

Every workgroup also has its own unique set of roles that determine which actions members are allowed to perform. Users assigned to these roles may be given permission for individual tools within the scope of the workgroup, such as project management or document libraries.

Customizable Look and Feel

You can instantly change the visual theme of the pages dedicated to a workgroup. Web designers can create a set of CSS stylesheets and the end users of that workgroup can select the one they prefer. Intranet developers can also add new functionality to the workgroups, such as custom modules or integration with existing systems.

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