Web Standards

With Kentico, you can easily build standards-compliant websites. Whether you need to use XHTML, HTML 5 or follow accessibility standards, such as W3C WAI or Section 508, Kentico will help you.



The code rendered by Kentico is compliant with XHTML 1.0 and HTML 5 specifications. Moreover, we use a unique output filter that fixes (X)HTML incompatibilities introduced by the ASP.NET engine.

Of course, the compliance also depends on your content and on the code that you render in page templates and transformations.

The built-in WYSIWYG editor automatically fixes the entered content so that it saves as a valid XHTML code.

CSS and CSS Layouts

Kentico supports both table- and CSS-based layouts/positioning. You can also use the CSS-based menu control that renders UL/LI elements, without any JavaScript.

Accessibility - W3C WAI and Section 508

Kentico allows you to meet the recommendations listed in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and it follows U.S. Government Section 508 requirements.

What Kentico does for accessibility:

  • It renders valid XHTML code.
  • It supports the use of CSS-based layout (instead of inaccessible table layout).
  • It supports CSS-based menu controls that renders the menu from structural elements and can be highly customized using CSS styles and JavaScript. This kind of menu can be easily followed by users of screen readers.
  • It supports dynamic rendering of site map (easier orientation).
  • It supports friendly (=easy-to-read and describing) URLs.
  • It supports custom page title, keywords and metadata section for every page (easier orientation).
  • It allows content editors to enrich the text (links, images) with additional alt/title information that improves accessibility.


Kentico allows you to build Search Engine-optimized sites.

Learn more about friendly URLs and SEO.

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