Team Development

The built-in Team Development module that comes out-of-the-box with the Kentico Platform promotes efficient teamwork on projects by allowing individual developers to lock objects they are editing so that no other developers can edit the same object at the same time and overwrite their work.

Risk-Free Team Development

When multiple developers are working on the same project, or even collaborating simultaneously on a particular object, there is a huge potential risk that they will overwrite each other’s work.

But with the built-in Team Development module of the Kentico Web Content Management Solution, developers can lock the objects they are working on by “checking them out”, so that only one developer can modify an object at any given time. When done, they simply check the objects back in for others to access and modify; their work (and anyone else’s) is safe from overwriting.

Object Locking with External Version Control

Object locking works the same way as content locking works on documents, but can be used on various objects with modifiable code, such as Page layouts, CSS style sheets, transformations or web part containers.

The Team Development module not only allows you to store and manage chosen Kentico objects in the file system of your external version control solution, but also supports usage of external development tools, such as Visual Studio, and source control software, such as Team Foundation Server, Subversion and others.

Make Your Team More Productive

Kentico comes with a sophisticated built-in Team Development module that you can integrate directly into your development process, leveraging your existing source control tools and promoting more efficient team development on projects.

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