Rapid Browser-Based Development

If you want to quickly develop new sites, you will like the option of developing websites through the browser-based interface. It gives you the same flexibility as Visual Studio, but within your browser, anywhere, anytime and without programming.
 Flexible browser-based development

Make Your Job Easier with 450+ Ready-to-Use Webparts

With Kentico, you get over 450 ready-to-use webparts that can be easily configured to do what you need, without any coding. You can just drop them on the page and set their properties - it’s that easy! The built-in webparts cover a wide range of functionality: navigation, repeaters, grids, maps and many module-specific webparts, such as “Newsletter Subscription”, “User Registration” or “Shopping Cart”. The code rendered by the webparts is highly customizable and you can easily create your own webparts (ASCX user controls) in Visual Studio.

Take Full Control over Your HTML Code

If you’re one of those developers who want to keep their HTML code clean and compliant with
industry standards, Kentico gives you the ability to customize the code of:

  • page layouts
  • transformations
  • forms
  • web controls
  • CSS styles

You can also use CSS-based layouts, integrate your JavaScript code or write custom .NET functions for your transformations. All of that can be done through the browser-based interface, without limits!

Integrate Custom Code and Features

Even if you use the browser-based development model, you can easily integrate your own webparts, ASPX pages or data from external systems. You can simply create a new webpart based on a standard ASCX user control in Visual Studio.

Choose the Tools You Like

With Kentico, you have a choice of developing through an intuitive browser-based interface or using Visual Studio. While the browser-based interface is easy for web designers without deep .NET knowledge,skilled developers can leverage their existing  experience and use Visual Studio and other tools they like. Or you can even combine both of these approaches within a single website.

Learn more about Visual Studio integration.

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