Gain valuable insights with cross-platform reporting

Make educated business decisions based on real data from your website. Identify areas for improvement and quick wins by analyzing your performance, using comprehensive reporting that collects valuable data across your entire digital experience platform. By leveraging the ready-made, customizable, or tailored reports, you’ll gain a perfect overview of your content, commerce, workflows, customer journeys, and beyond. Access relevant information effortlessly and improve your conversion rates.

Get extensive reporting capabilities

With the Kentico Xperience Reporting app, you can access and manage any data saved across the entire database of your website, comfortably from a single place. The ready-made reports provide accurate information quickly and efficiently, allowing you to customize them to perfectly suit your individual needs.  

Extract data easily from your online marketing, social marketing, A/B testing, commerce, web analytics, or anything from your platform you can think of, and see if you’re falling short or on your way to improvement. Add various components to display the collected data, such as graphs, tables, and values, and develop winning strategies and projects with confidence, following data-driven hypotheses. 

Analyze website content

Stay on top of your digital content to make sure you keep improving the value it’s driving. With just a few clicks, you can find out everything that’s going on with your pages—which ones were recently modified and by whom, scheduled to expire soon, which documents are archived, ready for approval, how many pages are under workflows, and much more. Analyze all your content inventory with ease.

Analyze the performance of your online store

Make sure you’re the first to know of all trends and potential threats to your online store by monitoring it on a regular basis. Leverage the full potential of your ecommerce store data and keep on top of your revenue and orders. Gain a better understanding of your store’s overall performance, product portfolio, and customer behavior, and skyrocket your sales. 

Get real-time data on all activities in your eshop, ranging from an hourly to a yearly basis, and improve your user experience! 

  • shopping traffic 
  • number of orders by customer, location, currency, shipping or payment method
  • top products or customers
  • average sales per customer

Customize reports

Ensure that your reports carry the most relevant data for your business needs by customizing them effortlessly! Design the layout and insert a line, column, pie chart, table, or scalar value to comfortably display just the data you need. Apply advanced filtering to reduce data overload and analysis paralysis and export it at any convenient time. 

You can even create your own reports easily and choose the metrics and dimensions that meet your individual requirements. Create a list of all alternative URLs, SEO metadata, performance of all stores in a specific region, or anything you like—if it’s tracked, it can be reported! If you don’t have access to the Reports app, you can easily subscribe to any report and get notified about any updates in it. 

TIP: Explore all the available options of creating custom reports by trying them out on our free demo website! Discover how the database is defined and how you wish to set up your own reports!  

Visualize data in Power BI

Leverage Power BI from the Marketplace to process any data stored in Kentico Xperience, and model your data in a way that enables efficient decision making. Leverage the free out-of-the-box integration with Power BI, loaded with ready-made Power BI reports that will help you visualize your customer journey and gain deeper data insight. It’s incredibly simple to connect and even add your own reports!

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Key analytics features

A/B Testing

Create and test multiple variations of your pages to identify those that work.


Web Analytics

Track data, access real-time statistics, and gain insights using multiple metrics.



Analyze your performance with ready-made, customizable reports, or create new ones according to your needs.

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