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Teradata is a global company specializing in helping businesses across key industries with pervasive data intelligence. Utilizing on-premise and cloud solutions, Teradata has solved the toughest business challenges for companies such as Siemens, Verizon, Netflix or PG&E. No wonder their digital presense needed to meet unique and challenging requirements.

increase in monthly visitors

Multilingual top-notch solution

Kentico was chosen for its ability to integrate easily with other systems, its flexibility with the user interface, and the speed of its maintenance. Teradata already saved unmeasurable hours in day-to-day maintenance. Tasks are much easier to complete and the admins have more ability to make updates on their own, thus greatly improving their efficiency.

Teradata found a platform that handles 25 language cultures, manages various content types, allows for a streamlined content approval process, and adapts to new AI and sentient technologies. The website is also integrated with platforms like Eloqua for marketing automation and Celebrus for further customer data analytics and personalization.


A comparison between 2017 and 2018 YOY shows: 

increase in time on site

increase in time on homepage

increase in page views on homepage

second decrease in site load time

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