Enjoy the effortless and secure SaaS platform

The best platform is the one that allows you to focus on your job without unnecessary hassle. Choose Kentico as SaaS and take advantage of a fast, scalable, secure, and cost-effective way to deploy a digital experience platform.

Leave the deployment and infrastructure to the experts

Experience peace of mind as we take care of your infrastructure design, operations, backups, maintenance, and security. With SaaS, you will get a tailored cloud-based platform for your solution delivered by a team of our in-house experts. Plus, we will take care of your website availability, security and data privacy. SaaS also means streamlining your procurement process and dealing with fewer suppliers.

Benefits of Kentico SaaS deployment

Jeroen Fürst
Jeroen Fürst
Software Architect

"Kentico's SaaS platform is incredibly user-friendly and highly efficient.

The setup process is simple; you only need to submit a package, and everything else is handled for you. This efficiency is supported by Azure, a system that ensures everything runs smoothly. Kentico also provides clear insights into how the platform is used, which helps improve their service continually. All these factors contribute to providing clients with a more effortless and enhanced experience."

Budget-friendly solution

SaaS means lower upfront infrastructure costs. Plus, channel-based pricing makes budgeting easy and predictable, keeping the total cost of ownership under control.

Top security

Continually applied security measures, data backups, and compliance with industry standards such as CCPA, GDPR, ISO27001, ISO 27001 SoA, SOC2. Learn more at https://trust.kentico.com.

No painful updates

We provide regular monthly product refreshes to keep the platform updated and secure. Just trigger the update and double-check that everything went well.

Less IT overhead

With SaaS, you don’t need an extensive knowledge of Kentico’s infrastructure. We will take care of your system including backup and recovery in case of problems.

More time to create solutions

SaaS benefits from a fully managed deployment pipeline. Hand us your deployment package, and with a single approval click we'll roll it out to your environment for testing or production release.

Single-tenant architecture

Xperience by Kentico SaaS uses a single-tenant architecture. It allows you to store and process customer data in specific regions of your choice, enhances PII security, and complies with strict ISO security standards.

How it works

With Xperience by Kentico SaaS, you are gaining the DXP product, its hosting, its cloud infrastructure, and deployment automation. You can leave the management of these services to us and instead focus on developing exceptional digital experiences.

The services include the Xperience Portal application for easy management and monitoring of your DXP production environment. Plus, it includes separate environments for Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  

Interview on security in Xperience by Kentico SaaS

Security in Xperience by Kentico SaaS

Kentico’s CIO delves into the world of cybersecurity and discusses Kentico’s approach to securing data and services.

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