How to Use Subscriber Macros in Email Marketing in Kentico 10

By Pavel Jirik in Kentico
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Kentico offers many powerful functionalities and one of them is macros. They can be used nearly everywhere in the system, but not every macro can return an expected value. So, it is very helpful when you know which macro can be used for a particular scenario.

In the video below, you will find out how to use subscriber macros when creating emails in Kentico 10. You can use these macros to personalize email-marketing emails easily. This way, you can significantly improve the overall feel of your emails.

The video covers the following macros:

{%firstname% } – displays subscriber’s first name

{%email% } – displays subscriber’s email

{%DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek% } – displays the name of the current day (e.g., Friday)

{%DateTime.Now.Year% } – displays the current year (e.g., 2017)

{%IfEmpty(firstname,"subscriber",firstname)% } – checks if the subscriber’s first name is empty. If yes, it displays “subscriber” text instead. Otherwise, it displays the subscriber’s first name. The macro has three parameters:

First parameter – What should be checked for emptiness. In this case, the subscriber’s first name

Second parameter – What text should be displayed if it is empty. In this case, “subscriber”.

Third parameter – What should be displayed if it is NOT empty. In this case, the subscriber’s first name

Of course, there are many other macros that can be used for email personalization, so feel free to explore them. How? You will also find out in the video below:

By Pavel Jirik in Kentico
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