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Increase organic search traffic and enhance your brand awareness, authority, and accessibility. Your audiences are out there, looking for what you’re offering—provide them with consistent personalized digital experiences and build solid brand loyalty. Leverage the right set of future-proof DXP tools to deliver engaging digital content that will skyrocket your conversion rates with no extra effort!

Generate website traffic with powerful digital content

Create long-term, sustainable results effortlessly through all types of online content, such as blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, newsletters, emails, and more that generate leads, and boost your conversions. Well-structured, easily accessible content, that follows best practices and modern trends for clever content publishing, will fuel your digital strategy and secure a positive return on your marketing investment.

Increase brand awareness and provide a positive user experience through intuitive content management that makes it incredibly easy to stay flexible and make change to your marketing channel content quickly. You don’t need any technical knowledge to build beautiful websites and customer-centric experiences.

CMS, digital marketing, and commerce in perfect harmony

Our digital experience platform (DXP) offers a highly efficient, secure solution to manage your online content in sync with your digital marketing efforts and commerce. Enjoy a fully-fledged ensemble of features you can easily access from a single place without the need to log in to various tools. Optimize your content and amaze your customers through a set of sophisticated, yet user-friendly tools like marketing automationcontent personalizationA/B testinglead scoringSEO, or email marketing. 

Our platform is more than just a CMS—it provides you with all you need to create stunning, consistent digital experiences and support your business’s online presence—wherever you are on your digital transformation journey. Not convinced yet? Check out our G2 approval rates and reviews from real, verified users—they speak for themselves! 

Reach maximum efficiency with future-proof content modeling

Defining the content structure and establishing relationships between various content types is an essential part of building a successful project that is consistent and scalable. Your chosen content modelthe foundation of your projectis important for defining how you will create and use the content stored your DXP.  

Bring your content creation to an atomic level by enabling marketers to determine what the smallest meaningful content is within their context and reuse these elements to create experiences that meet the needs of your audiences with ease! Kentico offers multiple ways to store and organize your content and allows you to create a sound, logical taxonomy structure for the content you publish online. Design your structured content effortlessly, create new pages in seconds with our customizable templates, leverage the digital asset library or third-party services to store and connect your content, and stay flexible by adding custom extensions to your administrative user interface.  

Save time and stay consistent with reusable content

Online users expect nothing less than lots of good-qualitypersonalized content, which is often very challenging and expensive to deliver. Improve your content marketing return on investment  by maximizing the reuse of all types of digital content instead of always duplicating it or creating it new each time! By making content reusable, your content editors and digital marketing specialists will gain significantly better control over the content they work with within your digital marketing ecosystem. 

With Kentico's reusable content features, it’s easy to structure and categorize your digital content in a way so that it can be reused at any point and repurposed for any relevant channel. Kentico also supports dynamic content updates, which means you only need to update your content in one location. Kentico automatically updates all other active instances of the content for you! This grants content creators and marketers a fantastic way to save their valuable time; delivering consistent brand messaging and imagery across your entire audience for less effort and at a lower cost.

Increase efficiency with automated publishing processes

With Kentico, there’s no need to do repetitive tasks over and over again or waste time on waiting for other team members to take over the baton. Simply, speed up the publishing process by automating it and save valuable time for you and your marketing team. Reusable content is one of the clever hacks you can leverage within our DXP to reduce your workloadbut there’s more to take advantage of! 

Streamline content publishing processes and gain full visibility of the entire content lifecycle through the advanced workflows and boost your team’s efficiency. Timed actions and email reminders will ensure each team member is aware of deadlines, knows where your content is in the publishing process, and when their contribution  is required.

Generate more leads with perfectly personalized, omnichannel content

Get the most value out of your digital content and re-use it in marketing campaigns! Kentico enables you to gain intelligence on individual channels effortlessly and finetune your personalization to perfection. Optimize your omnichannel campaigns and design better customer journeys with data tracked from your landing pages, emails, social media, and other sources, create custom campaign funnels. Analyze the exact steps of your customers on their journeys, and be able to adjust your touchpoints to boost your conversions. 

 Cross-site tracking  enables you to track customer activities on all your websites and consolidate your data for central analysisAn overarching view of which tracked sites your customers visited before your primary website, allows you to increase the precision of your targeting and to validate whether your sites are funneling customers effectively towards your primary goal. Of course, all with the appropriate consent and highest level of security.

Get more valuable data with cross-channel campaign management

Get the most value out of your digital content and re-use it in marketing campaigns! Kentico enables you to gain intelligence on individual channels effortlessly and finetune your personalization to perfection. 

Optimize your omnichannel campaigns with data tracked from your landing pages, emails, social media, and other sources, create custom campaign funnels to analyze the exact steps of your customers on their journeys, and boost your conversions. 

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Key platform features

Scalability and Performance

Deliver high-performance websites with the latest ASP.NET technology.


MVC Development

Speed up development with ASP.NET Core MVC and make marketers more productive with widgets.


Deployment Tools

Benefit from straightforward deployment and server maintenance. Create and synchronize multiple environments effortlessly.



Eliminate threats and secure your websites. Stay protected with Anti-CSRF tokens and create multiple security layers.


Cloud Deployment

Deploy your websites in the cloud.


Headless API

Publish content to any channel with a powerful headless API layer.


Extensibility and Customization

Extend the platform with your code. Add custom functionality and customize the user interface to fit specific use cases.

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