Integrate Kentico into your company ecosystem

Don’t spend days trying to reinvent the wheel! With our pre-built integrations for the most common technologies, you can plug-and-play from day one.


Fit your DXP into your tech stack

Adding a new piece of technology into the existing system can be pretty gritty. But a digital experience platform (DXP) should be so flexible that it aligns perfectly with your existing processes and technologies. Even after an update. That’s why Xperience by Kentico offers a range of out-of-the-box connectors and a strong integration layer.

Synchronize leads with your CRM, sign in using SSO, plug in your analytics or tag manager. We build and test our own integrations and support them with 7-day bug-fixing policy. And when the out-of-the-box is not enough, take your platform, customize it, and extend as far as you like!

How it works

Kentico integrations are designed to save you time and money to get to the best ROI.

  • Free plug-and-play integrations for the most common scenarios 
  • If you need a custom integration, our open-source starter kits make customization a breeze
  • All integrations come with 7-day bug-fix policy and full support
  • Additional 6 000+ other services available through Zapier connector with a friendly UI
  • Extensive API layer which developers simply love

Kentico integrations
Liam Goldfinch
Liam Goldfinch
Principal System Developer and Kentico MVP

Integrating with third-party systems has never been easier!

With Xperience by Kentico, you can effortlessly integrate external identity providers for authentication like Azure Active Directory, or search providers such as Algolia and Azure AI Search. Kentico's commitment to providing detailed documentation and a 7-day bug-fixing policy ensures a seamless and reliable integration every time.

Out-of-the-box integrations

CRM integrations


Synchronize leads and contacts between Kentico and your CRM. We have a pre-built Salesforce and MS Dynamics integration ready to use and an open-source starter kit which can be easily connected to any other CRM out there. Try it for free in the hosted trial or get the CRM integration package.

  • Out-of-the-box: Salesforce, MS Dynamics
  • Starter kit for Hubspot CRM, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM

Search integrations


Help your users quickly find what they came for. Pick the search engine that fits your needs - from simple, fast and free Lucene search to robust, AI-powered enterprise solutions by Microsoft or Algolia.

Kentico analytics integrations

Analytics and customer insights

Understanding user behavior is a marketer’s key to success. We have equipped Kentico with integrations to the most common analytics, tracking and tag management tools to get you the customer insights you need. Try the integrations in a free hosted trial.

Kentico optimization and customer service integrations

Optimization and customer services

Meeting the needs of your customers gets you results. Find out what resonates with your customers and optimize your messaging with an integrated VWO optimization suite. The Intercom integration with live chat and customer services suite will help you quickly solve users' problems and increase their satisfaction. Get these integrations in our tag manager package.

  • A/B testing by VWO
  • Live chat and customer services by Intercom

Many more integrations to fit your unique tech stack

Google Maps

Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

Power BI

6000+ connectors through Zapier automation platform

Plus 6000+ connectors through Zapier automation platform

Sometimes, marketers need to build quick solutions without any developer at hand. With Xperience by Kentico, you can use the no-code Zapier integration and connect with 6000+ applications that can send data to or receive data from Kentico.

Robust API for endless customization

Robust API for endless customization

Developers always loved Kentico for an extensive API layer allowing any customization and integration. From extending administration interface to running custom code triggered by global events, the possibilities are endless.


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