Kentico Marketing Excellence

Kentico Marketing Excellence, a professional consulting service, helps marketers succeed in digital marketing using Kentico. We help you improve your proficiency with Kentico’s Online Marketing features, set up your marketing campaigns, and start Online Marketing activities such as Content Personalization, A/B Testing, or Marketing Automation.


You will get help with setting up and evaluating your efforts with the Online Marketing features and functionalities on your Kentico website. As well as getting advice on your specific marketing scenarios, you will also be given assistance in solving specific issues and dealing with digital marketing challenges. Get recommendations to improve your marketing campaigns and be assured you are using Kentico’s Online Marketing best practices.

How it works

After purchasing consulting credits, we schedule a meeting to review your project. We then propose a series of meetings and topics to help you address your specific goals and how to achieve them with Kentico. The consultant can review your work, answer your questions, and create solution examples for your scenarios. A retrospective meeting completes this cycle, where we evaluate the benefits of this service to you.

New Project

Lisa Curley

I was so pleased with the information provided in the training that it gave me confidence to nudge forward and begin. Even when I stumbled, I was able to send my dilemma to you and your team to resolve what I was doing incorrectly. The Kentico system is very sophisticated and initially is overwhelming but by seeking out training and beginning small we are starting to gain momentum.

Lisa Curley,
QIS Packaging, Australia


Kentico Marketing Excellence focuses on marketers, projects managers, and those responsible for digital marketing activities. This consulting is suitable for Kentico end users and Solution Partners working on customer projects.


One pre-paid consulting credit ($100) equals 30 minutes of consulting services. Add travel expenses for on-site consulting.

Price List

What to Expect

Kentico Marketing Excellence can be delivered both online or onsite at your preferred location. Whether you need 60 minutes or ten days, we can help. Book your Kentico Marketing Excellence today.

We will contact you shortly tailored to your needs, requirements, and project goals.
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