Custom Tables

Whether you're creating your own module or just need a way how to edit data for some drop-down list, you can use the Custom Tables module in Kentico. It allows you to design your own database tables through a user interface, without programming and make them available for end users.
 Management of custom tables

Fully Customizable Fields

Custom tables leverage the same technology as Custom Document Types and allow you to create new database table in the Kentico database, with your custom fields through a browser-based interface. You can choose from a variety of data types (nvarchar, text, decimal, datetime, integer, etc.) and field controls (textbox, drop-down list, HTML editor, checkbox and many others including your custom field controls).

Make Custom Tables Editable by End Users

Once you define your custom table, you can make it available for your end users through the CMS Desk interface so that they can enter data.

Control Access to Your Custom Tables

For every custom table, you can configure who can create, read, update and delete data.

Leverage other Kentico Features

Custom tables support many of the built-in Kentico features, including:

  • full-text search
  • synchronization
  • import and export
  • alternative form layouts
  • transformations
and others.

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