Web Farm Support

Running multiple successful campaigns often brings additional traffic to your site, meaning you need a solution that can handle the excess load. Kentico’s Web Farm Support and out-of-the-box synchronization keep multiple instances of your Kentico websites in sync within distributed environments.

Web Server Replication

When your site scales up to manage an increase in site traffic, you deliver consistent content to all visitors, no matter which server it is delivered from. Without the need for additional configuration, Web Farm Support makes sure that all application memory (cache) and physical media files are replicated on all web servers within your environment. And, with both Automatic and Manual modes available, you can control the setup process to ensure the optimal design for your scaling needs.

Optimized for Cloud Deployments

With the growing popularity of Cloud, customers can configure their environment to scale the number of instances running Kentico automatically, based on simple rules. This cloud-provided, rules-based scaling can be based on the number of page views, concurrent users, or the CPU or memory utilization of the current environment, with the environment being scaled up or down accordingly. With such a dynamic environment, it is essential to identify when instances have been added or removed, and to adopt whatever synchronization mechanism they use to keep multiple instances in sync. With Kentico, you can set up Web Farm Support optimized for such dynamic cloud deployments without the need for any third-party modules or synchronization tools.

Consistent Content Delivery

It is difficult to estimate the amount of traffic on your site while running large marketing campaigns. With Web Farm Support’s out-of-the-box synchronization, you can be sure that your site visitors are all receiving the same content, no matter which server is delivering it, as your cloud environment automatically scales up to handle the increased traffic. Kentico’s Web Farm Support identifies when a new instance is added to or removed from the environment and synchronizes content (application memory and physical media files) across all instances immediately.

Manual or Automatic Setup

Kentico allows non-technical users to configure their Web Farm environment automatically from within the UI. By enabling Web Farm Support within the administration, the system automatically configures the environment depending on its individual nuances. With automatic mode, it is not necessary to understand how to set up the environment, however, there is also a manual setup mode available within Kentico for more advanced configurations.

Health Tracking Capabilities

When using the Web Farm Support application in Kentico, you can see visually what instances are registered in your environment and the health status of each of them. This status is updated regularly based on whether the particular instance shows signs of inactivity or not, and when a malfunction is detected, the administrator receives a notification informing them of the issue. To help boost the performance and stability of the entire system, only healthy instances are kept in sync within the environment.

Self-healing Capabilities

Web Farm Support in Kentico increases the reliability of your website as it offers much higher availability at all times. If any instance of the environment goes offline, for any reason, the built-in Web Farm Support will detect the problem, stop processing any synchronization requests for the instance, and notify the system administrator of the issue. If the instance becomes unresponsive for more than 24 hours, the automatic mode removes information about this instance from the system completely. In manual mode, the system stops generating most of the synchronization tasks for the impacted server until that server comes back online or is removed manually by the user. Kentico Web Farm Support helps you save resources by terminating the synchronization process for unresponsive instances, making sure there is no negative impact on your website.

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