Staging and Synchronization

With the Kentico CMS Staging module, you can easily synchronize changes across your development, authoring, QA, and production environment. It allows you to separate development, authoring, and the live server while creating an additional layer of security and supporting your deployment processes.

 Synchronization tasks

Review All Content Before It Gets Published

The Staging module synchronizes content from your authoring environment to the live server. You can review all changes made to the site on your local server before showing them to the visitors.

Separate Authoring and Live Environments

Content staging not only adds extra approval and QA steps to your publishing process, but it also separates the authoring and live environment. It means you can disable the administration interface on the live site and make all changes on your local server to increase security.

Having an internal authoring server also improves the user experience for your content administrators as they access their internal server, instead of making changes on the live server.

Publish Content to Geographically Distant Servers

Since you can synchronize content to multiple servers at the same time, you can run multiple geographically distant Kentico CMS servers around the world and keep their content synchronized with your authoring server. It's useful when you need to run servers in Europe, North America, Australia, and China at the same time, while providing site visitors with a highly responsive website.

Deploy New Templates and Other Code Across Servers

As with content, you can also synchronize development objects, such as page templates, CSS stylesheets, transformations, and others, across servers. This makes incremental updates of the website possible with only a few clicks.

Whitepaper: The Value of Content Staging

This whitepaper explores how organizations can leverage the Kentico content staging module to implement innovative solutions for managing content. Read it to learn how it can benefit you and your organization.

Click here to download the white paper

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