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At Kentico, we strive to develop the best digital experience platform (DXP) that brings customers the most value and makes a positive impact on their business. Sharing your experience and critical perspective helps improve our products. Are you ready to embrace your role? 


How does it work

Kentico acknowledged as a Customers’ Choice in Gartner research
  1. Fill in the form and sign up for the Kentico User Research Panel
  2. Soon, you will receive an invitation to a research project
  3. Meet with members of our product and design teams
  4. Enjoy your reward (see the Benefits of participation below)!

Benefits of participation

You will talk to our product and design teams directly and share your ideas, struggles and pain points. It is an opportunity to influence the experience of tens of thousands of Kentico users.  

As a token of appreciation, we offer a small compensation for each session in the form of an Amazon voucher, Kentico swag, or a live tree. If you choose the tree, it will be planted as part of our Trees for Bugs initiative and we will put your name on it.  

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. We are also accepting people who have experience with content management systems (CMS) and digital experience platforms (DXP) other than Kentico.
We want to include people at all levels, from junior interns to managers to C-level, and across departments (marketing, sales, engineering/development, design, etc.). We welcome freelancers as well as business owners. 
You’re the right person if you create and manage content (content editor, content manager, designer, marketeer, etc.), design and manage digital projects (architect, content strategist, developer, project manager, system administrator), or you are involved in a solution strategy and decision-making (chief information/marketing/executive office, etc.). 
We will always send you an invitation with details of the research project, so you know how long it will take and whether there will be an interview, a testing session, or a questionnaire.  We will also tell you what reward you can get for each session. 
The same as for any online call. All you need is a computer with a reliable internet connection, a microphone, and the ability to share your screen. 
Inform us at about your wish to leave the panel, and we will remove you from the database. 
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