Scalability and Performance

Kentico empowers some of the world's most visited websites. It scales extremely well in the web farm as well as in the cloud. With Kentico, you can easily deliver high-performance websites that are always on.

 Overall performance

Performance in a Web Farm

Kentico performs extremely well on very standard hardware configuration. But should you need more power, and scaling up (adding more CPU and memory) isn't enough, you can easily scale out and deploy Kentico in a web farm. Kentico runs in a standard Windows Server web farm environment and has built-in mechanisms for automatic synchronization of files and in-memory objects across servers.

Availability of your website increases with number of servers as not only can it handle more traffic, but when one server is down, another takes over the delivery of content, ensuring your site is accessible virtually all the time. Based on our performance tests, adding a second web server doubles overall performance when caching is enabled.
Need to increase database availability? Use the SQL Failover Cluster.

Advanced Caching Options

Kentico comes with granular cache settings that allow you to configure cache for files, web parts and pages. Output caching is the most powerful option as it stores pages in the memory and serves them without touching the database or disk. Learn more about caching options in Kentico.

Performance of Small vs. Large Websites

Kentico has been proven to handle 100 million contacts and 1 billion activities. Of course, these numbers could be even higher on even better hardware. Learn more about real-world high-traffic websites and large projects powered by Kentico.

Leverage the Power of Cloud

If you need to have more performance available on request, you can leverage Kentico support for cloud technologies. Many of our customers deploy Kentico to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

Performance Test Report

We have created a Performance Test Report that shows you how Kentico performs on various configurations.
Some key findings:

  • Kentico can handle more than 100,000,000 page views per month on a single standard web server.
  • Adding an additional web farm server doubles the overall performance when caching is enabled.
  • Kentico serves content equally well with 300 as with 100,000 documents when caching is enabled.

Download the Performance Test Report

Keeping Performance Overhead Down

Kentico goes to great lengths to ensure that your website isn’t slowed down by the things you want it to do. That’s why one of the top priorities for Kentico is to constantly improve website performance during use of the powerful online marketing features available in the Kentico Online Marketing Solution.

Improvements that enable historical data to be evaluated much faster in Contact group, Personas and Scoring features, means your website can more quickly score visitors and deliver personalized content, as well as handle more traffic with current hardware – adding more power to your marketing ammo pack.

Debugging, Performance and Health Audits

To ensure you’re getting the best possible performance, Kentico also comes with sophisticated debugging tools that enable you to monitor internal activity, find and fix problems with performance or specific features, and get detailed information for reporting issues to Kentico support.

We also offer the Kentico Performance and Health Audit consulting package that reviews the implementation requirements and System Architecture to ensure viability of your existing Kentico system and compliance with Kentico architecture standards. The ultimate goal is to ensure implementation scalability and stability for your project, even as it grows.

Learn more about our Performance and Health Audit.

Roslyn Compiler

Digital agencies are constantly striving to be more efficient and deliver more in a shorter timeframe. Web applications run slowly the first time they are used until the process results are stored for use next time. From version 10, Kentico uses the Roslyn compiler to speed up this first page-load time by 50%, allowing developers to work faster. Evaluators, after installation, and agency developers, after every “rebuild”, need to run the web application for the first time of the build, which could be numerous times per day. Now, developers can work more effectively with significantly less waiting time.

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