Kentico 8 – the new design

The new Kentico 8 UI is clean, uncluttered and inviting. We removed barriers and meaningless decoration to make your work stand out and to provide you with a pleasant and efficient workspace. Because good design is invisible.

Keeping things in order

As important as the graphic design, is the stable grid system that holds it up. Defining layout and negative spaces, our vector-based grid also prepares us for a future responsive user interface.

Keeping things clear

We removed all gradients, shadows and colors without functional purpose to bring you peace of mind at work. Here are a few rules we followed:


Flat design or skeuomorphism? A little bit of both. Buttons require shadows to perform their eye-catching duties, but backgrounds are devoid of gradients, as there is no functional reason for them.

Text as interface

Excellent typography replaces a lot of unnecessary graphic elements in the new design and our headings and paragraphs are based on the perfect fourth modular scale.

Clear colors

All colors are accessible according to WCAG recommendations, so you can easily recognize the items that matter most to you, even under challenging light conditions.


Identifiable icons

We have introduced new iconography, with pictograms showcased in their rawest form for easy identification and recognition on various screen sizes. Anything unnecessary has been removed.

Wanna try?