Kentico 8 – achieve faster

Let us introduce you to our new contextual help. Not only does it give you tips and tricks for performing tasks in the application you are currently in, but it offers excellent easy-to-follow how-to’s for achieving them in record time.

Interactive documentation

Almost all documentation in Kentico 8 has been completely rewritten to be much more task and user-oriented.
Whenever you get stuck, relevant step-by-step guides steer you towards your desired result.
Now entirely online, the documentation is a living document on which we encourage you to comment as participants in its on-going journey towards perfection.

It’s a question of simplicity

Rather than a random scattering of help icons, there is just one single icon for all help across all pages of the system. One symbol, one location, one result: success.

How did we do it?

Check out our blog series on the user interface redesign:

Wanna try?