‘Tis the Season of Celebrations

Thank you, our Kentico community, for your unwavering support this year. Let’s take a look at some of the things that made us celebrate!

Our Websites Traveled the World

It is always amazing to see just how far and wide Kentico products reach around the globe, and this year, we covered the four corners.

Websites Running on Kentico Products

  • 654 new websites
  • 55% in North and South America
  • 34% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • 11% in Australia, Asia, and the Pacific

We Supported Our Customers 24/7

It’s no secret that people love Kentico Support—our teams are always there, always knowledgeable, and always (genuinely) happy to help!

support tickets answered
77 sec
first-response open rate
customer satisfaction rating

Our Connections Were Deep

We’re so glad so many of you came out to chat, learn, and drink with us at #KenticoConnection2019! We'll see you next year!

Denver USA
Brno CZ
Melbourne AUS

We Helped Our Planet

Have you heard? Kentico loves going green. And each year, we plan to bring on more #EcoKentico initiatives!

trees planted
air con units
car trips around the world

Our Kentico Family Kept Growing

We didn’t slow down this year! We hired more employees, drank more coffee, met more dogs, and had a blast. Here's our family in numbers:

  • 91
  • 23
  • 88
  • 306
    kilograms of coffee
  • 253
    total employees
  • 92%
    new employee retention

We Never Forgot to Socialize

We love meeting you online, talking about anything and everything Kentico. And it seems you all love it, too! Thanks for the social love

That’s a Wrap!